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Five-year increase in the number of client referees for Africa

Chambers Global has seen a significant increase in the number of client referees for the Africa section of the guide. Discover below which countries have seen the largest growth year-on-year. 

Published on 28 April 2021
Written by Joanna Lane
Joanna Lane

Africa client referees

As Chambers and Partners continues to expand its coverage of the African legal market, we are seeing a substantial growth in the number of referees provided across all Africa sections of the Chambers Global guide. This growth initially started in 2017 and to date has seen an increase of 62% across all countries. 

The highest number of referees being put forward during the submissions process are from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, all sections of the Chambers Global guide that have seen an increase in coverage.  

We have also seen a significant increase in client referees provided over the last five years from countries such as Mauritius, Morocco and Uganda with increases also seen in Lusophone jurisdictions including Angola and Mozambique. These increases have all provided unique and insightful reviews of firms directly from those who have working relations with each. These form part of how the Chambers Global team rank the top law firms across Africa in the guide and are invaluable to our ranking process. 

The interactive chart below provides a further and specific breakdown of the number of client referees we have received since 2017, per country. The chart is a great indication of the continued levels of success and further legal coverage Chambers has across the African legal market. 

As we continue to offer market-leading research and analysis of the top lawyers and law firms across Africa and across a wide range of practice areas, we anticipate this growth to continue and will be looking to expand our coverage to include new practice areas and new firms. 

Learn how to have your firm rank in the Chambers Global guide

Chambers Global Deputy Editor Joe Jackson will host a webinar in May 2021 which will include a detailed look at the submissions process for firms and will provide advice on how firms can take part in our research, the best practices involved and tips on what makes a successful submission. 

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