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Diversity and inclusion highlights Chambers Crisis and Risk Management

In this article, we provide the Diversity and Inclusion highlights from the first edition of the Chambers Crisis and Risk Management rankings.

Published on 17 June 2021
Written by Luke Vincett
Luke Vincett

The Diversity and Inclusion of Chambers Crisis and Risk Management

Our inaugural Crisis and Risk Management Guide allows us to comprehensively assess how firms, agencies and consultancies address crisis and risk management. Whether through preventative or corrective action, increasingly we see this topic occupying core strategic objectives for a variety of different type or organisation.

The developments last few years have been a great example as to precisely why this is such an important topic. From the #MeToo movement and the more recent emergence of #BlackLivesMatter, to the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing climate breakdown, firms know they must be prepared to deal with crises when they emerge or, better yet, actively try to mitigate risk.

Diversity and inclusion plays a key role in this. In addressing both #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter firms play an active role in broader cultural change by implementing progressive recruitment, retention and promotion polices, coupled with strict measures preventing and, where necessary, disciplinary procedures in cases of harassment.

Clients are also a key part of this equation. While firms have been escalating their D&I efforts for years, increasingly clients are driving change in a variety of ways, the most formidable of which stipulate reduced compensation for the firms that don't meet targets. 

On a different note, the inclusion of an ESG ranking table allows us to recognise those firms with a clear strategy and measurable goals, demonstrating tangible impact. At our Chambers Diversity and Inclusion Awards: North America 2021, we have included an ˜Environment and Sustainability Program of the Year award for the first time, further highlighting a renewed focus on environmental matters. The awards are announced on Thursday, 17th June and you can find out more here.

Our Chambers Diversity and Inclusion team was initially launched as Chambers Women in Law in 2012. Since then, we have held diversity and inclusion conferences and awards ceremonies in the USA, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Further, our dedicated diversity website regularly publishes content sharing best practice from both the private practice and in-house sectors.

Building on this success, in the last two years we have been integrating diversity and inclusion in to our research process.  These changes to our research have been carried out in conjunction with all research teams receiving D&I training and addressing the impact of gendered language in editorial. This is part of an ongoing initiative to enhance our research processes and ensure they are free from unconscious bias. As this continues to be a focus for Chambers, we encourage providers to collaborate with us on this.