Rwanda Judgment: Results and Legal Implications

In this short Chambers Legal Topics article the Chambers UK Bar research team discusses the recent Rwanda appeal and the barristers involved.

Published on 8 August 2023
Written by Sam Williamson
Sam Williamson

What was the Rwanda appeal about?

Well over 50 barristers were involved in the Court of Appeal case concerning the government’s Rwanda removals policy, underlining the significance of the case. The appeal was heard in April and judgment released on 29 June.  

The court reversed the Administrative Court’s decision that Rwanda was a safe third country, ruling that the government’s policy was unlawful. 

Who were the barristers involved in the Rwanda appeal?

Many of those who appeared were leading counsel ranked in Chambers’ Administrative and Public or Immigration Law tables.  

Leading silks for the appellants included Raza Husain KC, Richard Drabble KC, Sonali Naik KC, Manjit Gill KC and Charlotte Kilroy KC

Lord Pannick KC and Sir James Eadie KC were among those appearing for the government. 

The Home Secretary responded by renewing her commitment to the Rwanda removals policy, raising the prospect of a blockbuster Supreme Court appeal in the coming months. 

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