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Chambers Regional Spotlight

Chambers is on a mission to uncover and champion the best legal talent across the United States, wherever it exists, starting with shining a spotlight on leading small law firms in Texas.  

Published on 16 November 2022

What is Chambers Regional Spotlight?

Chambers Regional Spotlight is a showcase of leading, small law firms in a specific region. 

It is designed to highlight law firms who are doing remarkable work which results in an impressive regional reputation.  

The state of Texas, home to five of the top fifteen US cities by population is a thriving legal market with a number of distinct and growing legal centers.   

We sought to identify the leading small to medium-sized law firms offering a credible alternative to Big Law. The ranked firms were selected based on independent in-depth market analysis, coupled with an assessment of their experience, expertise and calibre of talent.  

We have spent the last six months delving deeper into the Texas legal market where we sought to identify the leading small and medium-sized law firms offering a credible alternative to Big Law.  

We have awarded a Chambers Regional Spotlight ranking to 85 law firms across 15 ranking tables in 6 cities within Texas.  

View the inaugural Chambers Regional Spotlight rankings here.

Why did we do this?

Chambers insight into the legal market has seen a trend of large companies seeking specialized support from smaller firms at a state or local level, who can respond more effectively and efficiently to in-house counsel needs.

Chambers Regional Spotlight builds bridges between in-house counsel, who want more choice when purchasing legal services, and small to medium size firms.

Chambers Regional Spotlight will showcase the best small law firms in Texas this year and we hope to extend it to further states in the coming years.

A firm ranked in Chambers Regional Spotlight does not automatically feature within the USA Guide launched in June annually. 

How does it work, and frequently asked questions?

How do firms get involved?

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We identify candidate firms and reach out to interview firm partners.
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If a firm would like to be featured we welcome them through [email protected]

Does a spotlight ranked firm get USA ranked?

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A firm ranked in Chambers Regional Spotlight does not automatically feature within the USA Guide launched in June annually. The usual submission process for US rankings still applies

What is a Regional Spotlight ranking?

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A regional Spotlight ranking is not a full Chambers ranking but a recognition of the impressive work a small firm is delivering.
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Regional Spotlight rankings are issued in a single geography only

When is Chambers Regional Spotlight announced?

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We will be announcing the ranked firms in this years spotlight in November and then again in the New year

Is it smaller firms, or firms with niche areas?

Small to medium sized firms under 50 partners who have not previously been ranked in Chambers USA guide in the following areas: corporate/commercial, dispute resolution, Intellectual Property and Labor & Employment

Are you just covering Texas?

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This is the inaugural year of Chambers regional spotlight, focusing in Texas, we hope to roll out to other states in 2023.

Other questions about Chambers ranking

My firm submits to Chambers USA but we haven’t yet been ranked, can I submit my firm’s candidacy to be featured in Chambers Regional Spotlight next year?
  • Yes, fill in the form below to be contacted with next year's dates
My firm has fewer than 50 lawyers and gets ranked in Chambers USA. Can I also or alternatively get ranked in Spotlight?
  • No, Chambers Regional Spotlight is exclusively for firms that have not yet been ranked by Chambers in the USA guide

Chambers Regional Spotlight 2025

To request further information or to take advantage of Chambers Regional Spotlight, fill in the form using the button below and a member of our team will be in touch with next year’s dates.