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Chambers Greater China Region Guide

Read about the inaugural guide from Chambers, providing market-leading insights into the legal market across China.

Published on 12 October 2021

What is the Chambers Greater China Region guide?

Chambers is delighted to enhance its coverage of the legal market in China with the first edition of the Chambers Greater China Region Guide which launches 12 January 2022. 

Introduced to provide market-leading intelligence and insights on a booming economy; the Greater China Region has been one of the most thriving and fast-evolving legal markets across the globe, this exclusive guide will offer the most comprehensive and in-depth market analysis and legal rankings of the leading law firms and legal professionals across the four jurisdictions in the GCR.  

The Chambers Greater China Region Guide will aid those looking for the best legal providers across complex and dynamic sectors.  

What legal rankings will feature in the guide?

In this first edition of the Chambers Greater China Region Guide the existing rankings will be moved from the Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide, China (International Firms), Hong Kong Bar Chapter, China (PRC Firms) Chapter, China Macau and Taiwan Chapters.  

All firms who have submitted for Chambers Asia-Pacific 2022 do not need to resubmit for the Chambers Greater China Region 2022 Guide and have been considered in our assessments. 

Current Greater China Region rankings in the Chambers Asia-Pacific guide

Full rankings for the greater China Region will be released on 12 January 2022 in the first edition of the guide.

Lawyer rankings
for Aviation Finance
Firm rankings for
Media & Entertainment
New International
Trade: Customs, Export Controls
& Economics Sanctions
Most in-demand

To view these rankings please visit the Chambers Asia-Pacific guide page here.

Have questions on the Chambers Greater China Region Guide?

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to this new guide. Should you have any further questions relating to submissions, rankings, firm profiles, please contact the relevant member of the team below.

Are there any overlapping practice areas covered by both Chambers Greater China Region Guide and Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide?

None. The chapters that have shifted to the Greater China Region Guide will no longer be featured in the Asia-Pacific Guide.

We have submitted to the Macau research in Asia Pacific Guide early 2021. What does this upcoming Greater China Region Guide mean for us?

Your submission and all other information have been reviewed, and the submitted referees, if there are any, have been duly contacted during our research this year. There is no further action needed. Should a ranking be awarded following our assessment, it will be covered in the Macau chapter of Greater China Region Guide 2022. The release is on 12 January 2022. 

Why couldn’t we find some of our rankings in My Account?

If the rankings you refer to fall under any of the five chapters [China (International Firms), Hong Kong Bar Chapter, China (PRC Firms) Chapter, China Macau and Taiwan Chapters] that move to the new Greater China Region Guide, they are not disappearing. Instead, they only show up in My Account at a later time, closer to/after the release date. 

I am a ranked lawyer in the China (PRC Firms) Chapter of the Asia-Pacific Guide 2020 and 2021. Should my ranking be retained in your 2022 research, where can I find my ranking then?

The ranking will be found in the relevant practice area of China (PRC Firms) Chapter under the Greater China Region Guide 2022.  You may locate your ranking online either via searching the lawyer/firm name on the front page or by looking it up in the Greater China Region Guide.

When will the Research Schedule for Greater China Region Guide 2023 be published? Will that affect the starting time of the Asia Pacific Research 2023?

The Research Schedule for Greater China Region will be put online in December 2021, the same time as that of Asia-Pacific guide 2023. Please check via the link here.

The Asia-Pacific Research next year (edition 2023) will commence in February as it always does, and so will the Greater China Region 2023 research. The two will run in parallel.  

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