Analysis of Leading Alternative Legal Service Providers for 2022

Learn more about the legal market's most insightful research and analysis of the world's top Alternative Legal Service Providers, with key data statistics from the Chambers ASLP 2022 guide.

Published on 16 June 2022
Written by Simon Christian
Simon Christian

What are Alternative Legal Service Providers?

The leading Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) provide corporate clients and law firms with cost-effective specialised legal services.

Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers 2023 is the third edition of the guide for those looking to purchase such services, both in-house and in private practice, globally.

In this edition our coverage continues with region-specific categories as well as Global coverage of key ALSP service lines.

Why alternative legal service providers are on the rise

As ALSPs have gained market share and become an established part of legal procurement, we have seen a diversification in the services provided and increasing use of technology to drive further efficiencies.

Rankings in the Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers guide provide clients invaluable insight into the top providers of NewLaw services across a range of service lines, including flexible staffing, litigation services, eDiscovery and contact lifecycle management.

What is the market saying about the top ALSPSs for 2022?

As part of our research into the top Alternative Legal Service Providers, our team of Researchers spoke to ALSPs and their clients over a three-month period, and we are delighted to share some quotes from these interviews.

Contract lifecycle management

"Outstanding value. Significantly lower rates than on the ground law firms while matching quality." US client

Litigation services

"They are my go-to firm for complex matters. They have the depth and resources to handle these matters. Strategically very strong and they look after their teams which is an important factor for us. They are also flexible with who they put forward and will quickly swap out any team members who may not be the right fit. They communicate very effectively so everyone understands what the deliverables are. They take great care in preparing and reporting to estimates. They can be expensive, but there are rarely any surprises." Asia-Pacific client

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Comparison of key practice areas for the ALSP market

Band ranking analysis for Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers 2022

For the 2022 Chambers Alternative Legal Service Providers guide, we see 29 firms ranked as Band 1, 34 as Band 2 and 4 as Band 3.