Chambers Unpublished

What is Chambers Unpublished?

Chambers Unpublished is the product of thousands of interviews which provide essential, actionable feedback on law firms and barristers’ chambers.
For over 8 years, Unpublished has been providing firms with a much more complete picture of their positioning and can be utilised to gain key insight, such as:

- Why didn’t we get ranked in this practice area?
- Why are our rival firm ranked above us?
- How could our submissions be improved?
- Are our clients giving positive feedback to our face but giving Chambers only lukewarm reviews?

There is also exclusive data offering firm-wide value, such as:

- Insight to help you write better submissions and pitch documents
- The experience of Chambers’ Unpublished team of 30+ researchers and editors

Unpublished also utilises a wide range of commentators, including:

- Clients
- Barristers
- In-house counsel
- Lawyers
- Judges
- Arbitrators
- Regulators, and
- Other authoritative sources
Sample comments from an Unpublished report

“It is one of the best firms I have ever used. Their experience is considerable but neither do they pretend to know it all. If something is out of their comfort zone they will reach out to find an answer. One drawback is that the lack of a more cohesive international platform can be limiting. That would be one area they could work on as nearly all finance transactions have some international element to them.” (Client)

“I have never had a problem with any of the partners there. They are truly excellent and make a point of driving the deal through – pushing hard against any and all obstacles. However, when I am given an associate, I get nervous. The quality is variable and it can be a bit of minefield.” (Client)

“When we faced them earlier this year my initial thought was ‘who are these guys?’ I got the sense they were always playing catch up and couldn’t keep up with the developments that took place.” (Market Commentator)
View a sample report here.

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