Chambers Business Intelligence

Chambers BI is a data-driven platform with a comprehensive view of the global legal market.

Tap into a global view of the market with Chambers Business Intelligence

Utilising Chambers’ trusted research, Chambers BI provides firms with actionable insights and intelligence to support decision making, allowing firms to easily identify market trends, risks and new opportunities. Chambers BI users can access, create and share customisable visualisation dashboards, delivering in-depth insights that are vital to you and your firm.

Not only does Chambers BI allow firms to analyse their own performance and benchmark against competitors, firms also have the ability to assess over 6,400 global peers and 188,000 lawyers. This global view provides firms with the insights they need to support their international capabilities and identify the best partners around the world.

Database of historical rankings & editorial

Find the areas your firm have improved in overtime with access to our dynamic database of historical Chambers Rankings and understand which areas may need more focus.  

Historical Chambers Ranking with Chambers Business Intelligence

Access embargoed rankings

Chambers Business Intelligence provides access to your firm’s embargoed rankings two weeks prior to guide launch providing a head start in producing marketing collateral to showcase your new rankings.  

Competitive intelligence & peer analysis

Potential clients benchmark firms before deciding on their provider of legal services, why shouldn’t law firms? With Chambers Business Intelligence gain a unique insight into your main competitors rankings and identify area of potential growth for your firm.  

Competitive analysis with Chambers Business Intelligence

Analyse the market & talent in the industry

Base your firms’ strategic decisions on quantifiable data provided by Chambers Business Intelligence.   

Anaylsis of the legal market with Chambers Businesses Intelligence

Legal market outlook

As the legal marketing continues to evolve, firms are faced with a variety of existing and emerging pressures. This is not only from the existing competitor base in our core markets but also from new entrants such as ALSPs and the Big Four accounting firms investing in their legal propositions.

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How innovative leaders stay ahead

The legal market is a constantly evolving business environment and having the right market intelligence empowers teams to meet challenges head on.

Benefits to law firms

Analyse and assess how they are perceived across multiple geographies and practice groups against named peers.
Demonstrate their success and strengths through a trusted 3rd party source.
Quickly share reports and findings with their key stakeholders across the firm.
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Access to a dynamic database of over 100,000 unique lawyers to identify rising stars and business development opportunities.
Customise data to cover multiple groupings of practice areas and regions.
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Identify insights and data points which can be used to further differentiate their value proposition to prospective clients.