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Chambers Business Intelligence

Empower your decision makers and gain a global view of the legal market

Genuine market intelligence through data-driven insights

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A global view of the legal profession

Evaluate your firm and the legal market

Chambers Business Intelligence is an interactive, dynamic tool created specifically to harness a global view of the legal market and fuel superior decision-making using Chambers' independent rankings and data.

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Analyse year-on-year performance 

For Marketeers, Partners or Knowledge Management and Research teams

Inform business strategies and enhance marketing activity by providing both top-level and detailed overviews via on-demand data analytics.

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Actionable data for all business operations

A powerful tool for firms of all sizes and across all markets

Whether you are wanting to be first to market with the next exceptional idea, form sound choices from our unrivalled data and exceptional insights or obtain everything you require to stay two steps ahead.

Gain a comprehensive view of the market to analyse and penetrate

Analyse the market

Keep track of key trends in the legal market using trusted and unrivalled quantifiable data, to make the right strategic choices, when it matters.

Data at your fingertips

Access current and historical ranking data for thousands of firms to understand long-term trends and identify areas of potential growth.

Explore and understand lateral movements

New talent

Ensure trusted and effective growth of departments and offices by discovering and targeting the very best up and coming talent across your key jurisdictions and sectors during lateral hires.

Insight into main competitors

Identify a core group of competitors based on which firms have the most overlapping ranked departments with your firm.

Powerful data within easy access

Historical data

Easily export up to 10 years of rankings and data to save time during each Chambers guide launch and to get ahead on preparations for each submission cycle.

Get ahead for next year

Access ‘potential rankings’ that help you to target your next submission towards the departments and individuals that have the best chance of gaining new rankings.

How Chambers Business Intelligence can help your law firm win and retain business

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Utilise in-depth ranking data to inform strategic decisions
Analyse market trends across practice areas, sectors, and jurisdictions and visualise your firm's performance on a global or local scale.
Differentiate your law firm from competitors in the market
Highlight your unique selling points and standout practice areas to create defining pitch documents that will help to win new business.
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Chambers Business Intelligence is the most comprehensive competitive market analysis tool and all the information is available at the click of a button.

Now is the time to evaluate your firm and the legal market and make better business decisions.

Take advantage of Business Intelligence


Benchmark your firm’s performance against your competitors


Easily access the latest and historic rankings for your firm and competitors.


Analyse trends in jurisdictions to inform strategic decisions.


Download reports to share with partners, senior management and clients.

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