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Chairman: Xavier Jordana Rossell
Managing Partners: Xavier Jordana Rossell, Sònia Ruiz Sánchez
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 5
Languages: Catalan, English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Established in 1997 by Xavier Jordana, during recent years the firm has consolidated its presence in the Principality of Andorra, with a strict focus on the practice of law in the three principal branches: civil (including mercantile and employment), criminal (particularly financial and matters of prevention of money laundering) and administrative.

The firm offers personal service and advice, keeping up a very close and continuous relationship with the clients. It has acted in several important operations, taking advantage of rigorous working standards and a thorough knowledge of Andorran Law and society, in which significant changes are taking place.

One of the firm’s important features is its capacity and skill in dealing with cases individually and in an overall context, applying the most appropriate focus and personalised solutions.

The firm concentrates on independence, rigor and reliability in its work and in personal and professional ethics. The office works as a top-quality legal boutique and all the members are committed to compliance with common principles and objectives, such as quality work, loyalty in personal treatment, punctual information to the clients and persistence in achieving results.

There are five lawyers in the firm: Xavier Jordana and Sònia Ruiz, Seniors and Managing Partners, Maria José Párraga and Irina Monroy, associates, and Núria Jordana, who joined the firm one year ago.

Xavier Jordana qualified in 1983 at Barcelona University (Spain). His experience includes being Judicial Secretary in the Courts of Andorra, Prime Assistant in the Notary’s Office in Andorra, Mayor, Examining Magistrate/Judge for civil and commercial matters, Member of the governing body of the Andorran Bar Association, Member of the Superior Finances Commission (a public body with competence in the prevention of money laundering), President of the National Institute of Finances (INAF), the highest authority in supervision and control of the Andorran financial and banking system, Minister of Town & Country Planning and Environment in the Government of Andorra (2007/2009). His career and his long experience and background in different fields (both public and private) make him one of the most accomplished lawyers in Andorra, able to act as a truly global jurist in both the ambit of public law and the context of private law and also in the courts, before all jurisdictions and in matters of all kinds.

Sònia Ruiz graduated from Lleida University (Spain) in 1996. Postgraduate course in Andorran Law at the Andorran University. Lawyer in practice with the firm since 1998. She is experienced in the areas of criminal law (especially defense in financial cases and money laundering matters), civil law (property conflicts between private parties and between public corporations), family (divorces) and inheritance matters. She also handles bankruptcy.

Maria José Párraga graduated from the National University of Distance Education (Spain) in 2004. Responsible for the collections department of the Andorran Health Care Service (2002/2007). Lawyer in practice since 2007. She joined the firm in 2012, with background in the practice of criminal law as legal aid lawyer (2004/2014). She is experienced in business and corporate law (resolution of conflicts between shareholders, in either the extrajudicial or the judicial phase), civil (labour law specialist in conflicts between senior management and employer), and family law (marriage and inheritance matters).

Irina Monroy graduated in 2009 from the University of Barcelona (Spain). In 2013, she specialized in Economic Criminal Law at Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona. Lawyer in practice in Spain since 2010, and in Andorra since 2019. Irina joined the firm in 2020, and is experienced in the areas of civil law (especially matters of civil liability, obligations and contracts), criminal law (defence in crimes against property and the socio-economic order), and administrative law (patrimonial liability of the Public Administration).

Núria Jordana graduated with a Master in Economics and Finance from Brandeis University (Boston, US) in 2017, and a double bachelor degree in Law and Business Administration from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) in 2014. After working as a transfer pricing consultant at Deloitte in Boston (US) for 2 years, Nuria joined the firm in 2019, and assists in the areas of criminal law (financial and money laundering matters), civil and commercial law.

Main Areas of Practice:
-Civil Law
-Business Law
-Criminal Law, including financial and money laundering matters
-Administrative Law
-Dispute Resolution
-Banking & Finance Law
-Corporate Law

The firm acts in the ambits of both private law and public law and also in the courts, before all jurisdictions and in matters of private, commercial, administrative and criminal law.

The firm’s client base comprises a large number of private clients and also includes public institutions and large companies.

The firm provides legal services to international and multinational companies on domestic, international and cross-border activities, taking advantage of the new opportunities that Andorra offers for foreign investment.