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This content is provided by Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C..

Senior Partners: Mr Mario Ponce (Corporate, Commercial & Copyrights), Mrs Consuelo González (Trademarks), Mr Javier Uhthoff-Orive (Patents), Mr Carlos Uhthoff-Orive (Administration of the firm), Mr Eryck Castillo (Trademarks), Mr Saul Santoyo (Litigation)
Partners: Marcela Bolland (Trademarks); Ignacio Dominguez-Torrado (Corporate & Commercial); Eugenio Perez (Patents) and Xavier Hadad (Litigation)
Number of partners: 10
Number of lawyers: 60 attorneys and agents
Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C. is a clear leader of the amongst IP firms in Mexico. For over a century the firm has been providing legal services to clients both domestically and around the globe. The firm is one of the most prestigious and recognised law firms in the country, with an undeniable track record of success across a spectrum of services in an array of different industries. The combined expertise at the firm, not only in delivering the legal services clients expect, but in doing so with the insight and awareness of what drives clients’ passion for innovation is what sets the firm apart.

Main Areas of Practice:

New Creations:

Patents, utility models, industrial designs, integrated circuits and plant varieties. The department in charge of new creations is made up not only of lawyers who are experts in the area, but also engineers specialised in different fields of industry. UGVU is the leading firm in the filing and presentation of patent applications in Mexico and has filed the largest number of patent applications in Mexico every year for the last twenty years.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Javier UHTHOFF and Mr. Eugenio PEREZ.
Fee earners: 12

Distinctive Signs (Trademarks, Denominations of Origin, Trade Names & Commercial Slogans):
This area handles services concerning all aspects related to the registration and maintenance of trade and service marks in accordance with Mexican and international policy and law. The firm also holds the number one spot in the total number of trademark applications filed every year in Mexico.
Numbers of partners: 3 - Mrs. Consuelo GONZÁLEZ, Mr. Eryck CASTILLO and Mrs. Marcela BOLLAND.
Fee earners: 9

Protection of artistic and intellectual works and obtention of their registration before the National Institute of Copyright. The firm counsels and sponsors its clients in the defence of their copyrights and provides assistance in enforcement actions against infringers, with a strong practice in the obtention of copyright protection.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Mario PONCE and Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 3

This area of the firm protects and enforces its clients’ intellectual property rights. The firm’s litigation team has extensive expertise in handing general litigation, enforcement actions, customs and international trade issues, administrative, civil and criminal matters and develops tailor-made anti-counterfeiting programs. The firm handles the largest percentage of IP litigation in Mexico, both before the IMPI and with Federal Courts.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Saúl SANTOYO and Mr. Xavier HADAD.
Fee earners: 5

Corporate & Commercial:
The firm offers its clients an integral service that includes legal counsel in corporate and commercial matters in Mexico, from business incorporation to all general affairs in relation to legal aspects of commercial and business operations performed daily by companies and individuals. Although the firm’s core practice is in the IP field, throughout the years it has incorporated other areas of law and now offers services in corporate and transactional law.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Mario PONCE and Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 3

Media & Entertainment Law:
The media and entertainment practice covers all the issues faced by film, television, music, internet, news media, videogames and radio companies across many practice areas of the law, such as intellectual property, regulatory, copyright, data protection, agreements and negotiations to produce a single integrated approach ready to face the increasingly complex Mexican regulatory environment governing media production. Additionally, the practice offers legal counsel to advise its clients on the intricacies of running contests and sweepstakes.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Mario PONCE and Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 4

The practice within this area combines the necessary knowledge and expertise of different areas of law, including copyright, contracts and litigation, with a deep knowledge of all major disciplines of sports and international sports culture within different geographical zones and countries, thus providing clients with excellency in all services.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Saúl SANTOYO and Mr. Xavier HADAD.
Fee earners: 1

The licensing department provides expert advice on: negotiation, design, elaboration, administration and analysis of licensing contracts in intellectual property rights, franchise and transfer of technology.
Numbers of partners: 1 Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 1

Domain Names:
The firm has developed a team of experts to proactively represent clients in domain names disputes according to WIPO policies and rules, particularly on behalf of companies seeking to enforce their trademarks against cyber pirates.
Numbers of partners: 1 - Mr. Eryck CASTILLO.
Fee earners: 3

Plant Breeder’s Rights:
Newly developed plant varieties are susceptible to exclusivity IP rights in Mexico under the figure of Plant Breeder’s Rights. The firm has ample experience in filing, prosecution and enforcement of such rights. With a staff of qualified life-science specialists and experienced attorneys, it provides a high quality and full scope service in this area for individuals and companies that seek to protect their new plant variety developments.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Javier UHTHOFF and Mr. Eugenio PEREZ.
Fee earners: 3

Services Though Alliances with Specialised Firms:
In addition to the above, the firm has established important associations with specialised Mexican firms that handle labour, tax, civil and commercial litigation; are all important areas of law that now available to the firm’s clients.Working in all these specialised areas, the firm has evolved through the years, ensuring that its staff and professional team is at the forefront and abreast of all new laws and legal initiatives and always providing its services aligned with its principles of ethics and honesty, respect, building lasting relationships and committed professionalism.
Numbers of partners: 4 - Mr. Mario PONCE, Mr. Saúl SANTOYO, Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ-TORRADO and Mr. Xavier HADAD
Fee earners: Only the above partners.

Environmental Law:
The practice provides regulatory solutions in connections with day to day and complex environmental regulatory issues and projects for different industrial sectors. It provides services such as; consultancy in matters of national waters, obtaining concessions to exploit them, permits to discharge wastewater, the execution of hydraulic infrastructure works, among others. Advice on the allowance of industrial production facilities, cleanup pf contaminated sites, reduction of noise and air emissions, emissions trading, chemical regulations, waste regulations and restrictions on hazardous substances.
Numbers of partners: 1 - Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 1

Health Law:
The practice helps its clients to comply with their health law requirements by providing advice on every aspect of health law. The group provides information concerning the regulations that must be complied with, and the permits that must be obtained by manufacturers and importers, for the preparation and sale of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cleansers, food supplements, cosmetics and medicines.
Numbers of partners: 2 - Mr. Mario PONCE and Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO
Fee earners: 3

Consumer Protection:
In line with its health and environmental management practice, the firm handles legal procedures before the Federal Commission for the Protection of Consumer´s Rights (PROFECO) and provide advice on Mexican Official Standars (NOM – Norma Oficial Mexicana)
Numbers of partners: 1 - Mr. Ignacio DOMÍNGUEZ – TORRADO.
Fee earners: 1