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Number of employees: 14
Languages: English, French

Overview & History:
Established in 2000, TheJudge is one of the longest-established, known and trusted brands in litigation insurance. Its German office opened in Hamburg in 2022, adding to its existing bases of London, Manchester, California and Toronto. Its global spread and market-leading experience assist litigants and law firms to manage or limit their exposure to risk in litigation and arbitration.

Through its extensive global insurer relationships, TheJudge can provide litigation insurance solutions for small businesses requiring less than £100,000 of adverse costs or own-side costs insurance, through to indemnities exceeding £100m. In the UK market, its “Accelerate” platform provides fast-tracked market searches for ATE quotations of up to £250,000, with responses within 24 hours.

TheJudge was one of the first in the industry to develop insurance products to reduce risk to law firms working on a contingency and it continues to support cases run on a DBA or similar fee arrangement. In 2022 TheJudge also added judgment preservation insurance to its platform.

By working where appropriate with its affiliate funder, Erso Capital, TheJudge has unrivalled experience in tailoring arrangements that limit exposure to risk but also provide cash-flow to fund an action.

■ Insurance to cover the client’s own legal fees and expenses
■ Insurance to reduce the law firm’s risk in taking matters on a contingency fee basis
■ Adverse costs insurance to protect the client against an adverse costs order (fee shifting)
■ Security for costs
■ Damages bonds
■ Insurance to cover the risk of award/judgment default
■ M&A insurance, including insurance to contain legal liabilities


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UK - Head office
90 Fenchurch Street, London, Greater London, UK, EC3M 4ST


Email: [email protected]

Tel: +44 845 257 6058