London Office

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Number of employees: 11
Languages: English, French

Overview & History:
Established in 2000, TheJudge is one of the longest-established, known and trusted brands in the litigation insurance and funding market. With teams in London, Manchester, California and Toronto, TheJudge is a global broker that serves the needs of law firms and their clients around the world. Specialising in the transfer of litigation risk, TheJudge has access to competitive financing and insurance products that enable litigants, law firms and funders to manage or monetise their litigation or arbitrations claims. TheJudge’s value is that it has overarching view of both the litigation insurance and litigation funding markets. Neither market can hope to meet the needs of all clients in isolation. Some litigants will be struggling with cash-flow to fund their action whilst other with the resources required simply want to limit their exposure to risk. Perhaps there is a desire to achieve both. The firm’s brokers have unrivalled experience in tailoring arrangements that consider and, where appropriate, combine various options. TheJudges’ pro-active approach helps the legal team arrange a commercial solution that is customised to the needs of the purchaser, whether that is the claimant; the funder or the law firm itself, acting under a risk-bearing retainer.

■ Insurance to cover the client’s own legal fees and expenses
■ Non recourse financing for legal fees and expenses
■ Insurance to reduce the law firm’s risk in taking matters on a contingency fee basis
■ Finance for law firms to enable them to receive some fee income when acting on a contingency fee basis
■ Adverse costs insurance to protect the client against an adverse costs order (fee shifting)
■ Security for costs
■ Damages bonds
■ Insurance to cover the risk of award/judgment default
■ Sale or monetization of awards or claims
■ Award enforcement and enforcement financing
■ M&A insurance, including insurance to contain legal liabilities
■ Tailored law firm finance and insurance portfolio arrangements
■ Introductions to leading law firms by specialist areas