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This content is provided by Straatman Koster Advocaten.

Partners: Thijs Straatman, Wilfried Koster, Frederik van Nouhuys, Joost Hoekstra, Olivier Vermeulen, Marinda de Smidt, Caroline Lagendijk, Maaike de Wit, Angela Minderhoud, Matthijs van Leeuwen, Anne Marie Ferwerda, Simon Tichelaar

Number of lawyers: 26

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

Firm Overview:

Straatman Koster advocaten is an independent niche firm and has a strong track record in the fields of (i)commercial property law and real estate, (ii) construction and engineering, (iii) public procurement and state aid (iv) zoning and environmental law and (v) rental law. Straatman Koster advocaten acts on behalf of (inter alia) property developers, construction companies, architects, engineering firms, investors, governmental and financial institutions.

Real Estate:

■ Feyenoord City: land sale/ purchase agreements for Stadion Feijenoord and city of Rotterdam re the €1.2bn project incl. a new football stadium and a 180,000m² sports experience centre.

Leading lawyers: Wilfried Koster, Maaike de Wit

■ Hart van Zuid: all public law and private law matters for the city of Rotterdam re €200m² area redevelopment which consists of housing, a shopping mall and the redevelopment of leisure centre Ahoy.

Leading lawyer: Marinda de Smidt

■ Central Station Area Leiden: land sale agreements for the city of Leiden re Rijnsburgerblok phase 1-5, a multimillion project next to Leiden Station (approx. 40,000m² office space, 300 apartments, 4,000 m² retail, cinema and parking).

Leading lawyer: Joost Hoekstra

■ VOF Phil Havana (BPD and Synchroon): tender documents, heads of terms and turn key agreement re the €220 m² project “De Sax Rotterdam” (500 apartments, a hotel, commercial spaces and parking).

Leading lawyer: Wilfried Koster

■ De Binckhorst: cooperation agreement between the city of The Hague, AM and BPD re the redevelopment of former industrial area De Binckhorst to a mixed residential/commercial/work area.

Leading lawyers: Joost Hoekstra en Wilfried Koster

■ Development of warehouse in DistriPark (Rotterdam): advising Busan Port Authority on purchase/development agreement with Port of Rotterdam.

Leading lawyer: Wilfried Koster

■ Schiphol Trade Park: sale agreements re innovative business park of approx. 140 hectares.

Leading lawyers: Joost Hoekstra, Marinda de Smidt

■ Groningen Stadshavens: advising i.a. the city of Groningen, BPD Ontwikkeling and VolkerWessels re residential area Stadshavens (2,000 houses).

Leading lawyers: Joost Hoekstra, Simon Tichelaar

■ Transformation business parks: loan agreements for Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Utrecht N.V.

Leading lawyer: Marinda de Smidt

Key Clients: cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden, BPD, SADC, OMU.

Contacts: Wilfried Koster, Thijs Straatman, Joost Hoekstra, Marinda de Smidt

Planning & Zoning/Environmental:

■ Green Park: advice re environmental issues re business park adjacent to the world’s largest flower auction.

Leading lawyer: Joost Hoekstra

■ Refresco: litigation re groundwater permit for production facility in Maarheeze.

Leading lawyer: Marinda de Smidt

■ De Krijgsman: advising the city of Gooise Meren re planning aspects of project “Krijgsman” (approx. 1,300 houses).

Leading lawyer: Marinda de Smidt

■ Redevelopment projects: advising Egeria re multiple redevelopment projects in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Muiden and Amsterdam (approx. 600 apartments).

Leading lawyer: Anne Marie Ferwerda

■ Gunvor Rotterdam: advice environmental law re the refinery/terminal.

Leading lawyer: Marinda de Smidt

Key Clients: Klepierre, Gunvor Rotterdam, SADC, BPD, cities of Leiden and Gouda, Egeria, BOEi, Batavia Stad, JCDecaux, Euro Tank Amsterdam, Refresco.

Contacts: Joost Hoekstra, Marinda de Smidt, Anne Marie Ferwerda


■ JCDecaux: litigation re various tenders re alleged unlawful award of


■ Heijmans and Philips.: litigation re tender urban lighting Eindhoven.

■ Dura Vermeer: advice on several tender law matters.

■ UWV: advice on several tender law matters.

■ VNG: advice on several tender law matters.

Leading lawyers in all procurement cases: Frederik van Nouhuys, Caroline Lagendijk

Key Clients: Transdev, UWV, JCDecaux Nederland B.V., Attero B.V., Dura Vermeer, KPN, VNG

Contacts: Frederik van Nouhuys, Caroline Lagendijk, Simon Tichelaar


■ City of Gouda, VolkerWessels, Heijmans Vastgoed: advice re construction contracts for approx. 4,000 houses, an ecological zone and access road.

Leading lawyers: Thijs Straatman, Angela Minderhoud, Hugo Strang

■ TenneT (national grid operator): litigation re 32 km hv-cable connection.

Leading lawyer: Angela Minderhoud

■ Strukton, Strabag, Ballast Nedam, John Laing: advice and litigation re ‘A15 MaVa’, the largest infrastructural project in the Netherlands (€1.5 bn).

Leading lawyers: Olivier Vermeulen, Daan Timmerman

■Tennet / HEP: litigation against Heijmans-Europoles re termination of the Wintrack II contract.

Leading lawyers: Frederik van Nouhuys, Matthijs van Leeuwen

■ Rotterdam Port Authority/ Combinatie HHTT: advice on various disputes re the construction of the new quays HHT Terminal Rotterdam.

Leading lawyer: Olivier Vermeulen

Key Clients: TenneT, Strabag, Strukton, Dura Vermeer, city of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Authority.

Contacts: Olivier Vermeulen, Thijs Straatman, Angela Minderhoud