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Managing Partner: James W. Spertus
Number of Partners: 9 Number of Lawyers: 21
Languages: English, Korean, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Spertus Landes & Umhofer, LLP is a unified team of trial lawyers who know that preparing a case for trial is the best way to ensure the most favorable outcome possible. The firms attorneys have worked for judges at the trial and appellate levels, and it knows what persuades them. The firm brings this experience to bear in every case. The firm’s lawyers know how to win on the papers and in the courtroom. The firm has gone toe-to-toe with the largest firms and the United States government in bet-the-business cases and have obtained phenomenal results. The firm is committed to providing the most cost-effective results for clients, as well as ensuring clients receive the maximum benefit in the litigation and negotiation processes.
Spertus Landes & Umhofer represent clients in trial and appellate courts at the federal and state level, in arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings. The firm also represents clients in connection with proceedings involving government agencies, such as the United States Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Main Areas of Practice:  

White-Collar Criminal Defense
Civil Litigation
False Claims Act
Internal Investigations
SEC Actions
Student Discipline

Civil Litigation:
Business disputes and other civil cases are about more than just money – they’re about rights, ownership, promises, reputation, and fair play. The firm knows every step of the civil litigation process – from pleadings and discovery through trial and appeal – and brings years of experience to ensure the most favorable resolution possible. The firm has obtained plaintiff verdicts and settlements, as well as successfully defended clients against multi-million dollar claims. As a nationally recognized trial firm, Spertus Landes & Umhofer should be called for anyone facing high-stakes litigation problems.

White-Collar Criminal Defense:
Instinct, judgment and experience – all key components required to recognize subtleties unfolding in a courtroom that will determine the outcome of the case. The firm understands the prosecutor’s burden of proof, and identifies golden opportunities to obtain tactical advantages that lead to courtroom victories. For anyone accused of a crime, a lawyer who understands the system is necessary to achieve the best outcomes, and the attorneys at Spertus Landes & Umhofer are experts. The firm was founded by former prosecutors who know the rules and moves required in criminal cases, and who are intimately familiar with every phase of a criminal case to manage each phase of each case to secure the best possible outcome, regardless of the facts. The attorneys at Spertus Landes & Umhofer know instinctively which issues matter, and have successfully defended many dozens of individuals charged with crimes. They have the instinct and judgment necessary to find the path around obstacles that other lawyers often never even see coming. The firm has successfully defended clients in white-collar criminal cases, internal investigations, government investigations and healthcare matters, at both the state and federal level achieving amazing results for clients.