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Shartsis Friese LLP

San Francisco Office

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Shartsis Friese LLP is client-focused and solution-driven by design. It specializes in high-quality practice areas that serve the needs of businesses and sophisticated individuals. Its careful growth, minimal turnover and low partner/non-partner ratio are all designed to provide efficient and cost-effective legal services of the highest caliber.

Since its founding in 1975, the firm's goal has been to offer clients an alternative to large national law firms. It is designed to provide premium quality legal work, but with more personal service, lower billing rates, and more efficient staffing than larger firms.

For nearly 50 years the firm has carefully assembled top legal talent to create elite practice groups best suited to serving dynamic companies and sophisticated individuals. Its extremely low turnover creates continuity and institutional knowledge for its clients’ benefit. It has achieved excellent results for its clients in major local, national, and international litigation; it provides world-renowned representation of investment managers and hedge funds; it handles real estate transactions around the United States for many of the most dynamic companies in the country; it represents major business figures in managing their personal wealth and estates; and it counsels a wide variety of companies and individuals in business, securities, and intellectual property transactions. While it has succeeded in it original goal, it continues to strive to exceed its clients’ expectations.

Shartsis Friese LLP is driven to find solutions to business and litigation issues. It alwayss look for the most effective and efficient way to achieve the optimal outcome for our clients. In business, IP, and real estate transactions, it finds a way to get the deal done in a timely manner and keep the legal problems from driving the transaction. In counseling start-up and mature businesses, it helps clients address legal and regulatory issues in ways that advance their business plans rather than impeding them. In litigation, it first focuses on the client’s ultimate objective, and then develops a strategy to get there. In estate planning, it focuses on preserving family wealth consistent with other personal objectives of its clients. Shartsis Friese LLP is always sensitive to the high cost of quality legal services and organizes its representation to minimize that cost.

The firm has over 65 lawyers working in nine major practice groups. Each practice group has a full complement of lawyers capable of handling significant transactions or litigation. Its lawyers have outstanding academic records from top law schools, and many are leaders in their respective fields. Many of its lawyers have moved to Shartsis Friese LLP from large and prominent national firms because its approach to personal service, with its low-leverage low-turnover design, is better suited to serve clients’ needs − and its lower rates are always more attractive to its clients.