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Firm Overview:

Risa Heller Communications (RHC) is a boutique issues management and crisis communications firm based in New York with clients across the globe.

RHC is a trusted advisor to individuals and organizations that need strategic communications to push back against legal and reputational challenges, false narratives and counter external attacks. The firm has extensive experience designing and executing strategies that help clients successfully navigate complicated issues that risk long-term reputational harm. They regularly direct high-intensity communications and rapid response efforts for clients with make or break problems that threaten their ability to operate.

The team has deep experience in political communications and was forged in New York City’s tabloid-centric media environment. The firm’s work is effective not only because the team has excellent relationships with top reporters and understands how news is covered in the press every day, but also because its approach is informed by the ways that personalities and politics can influence news coverage.

RHC regularly partners with top-tier law firms on a range of issues, including complex business transactions, litigation support, investigations and thorny personnel issues. From high-profile institutions facing a daily onslaught of media attention to private citizens confronting allegations that require narrowly targeted communications and an under-the-radar approach, the firm prides itself on its record of providing thoughtful public-facing ways to tell clients' stories that are aligned with the legal strategy.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Government and regulatory investigations
  • Employment litigation related to sex, race or age discrimination
  • Employment litigation related to wrongful termination and retaliation
  • Front-page news
  • Labor relations
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Executive transitions
  • Internal investigations and problems with workplace culture
  • White collar defense
  • Public affairs and issue advocacy


Risa Heller Communications

233 Broadway, Suite 2160, New York, NY 10279 I Tel (646) 695-9515 I Email: [email protected]


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233 Broadway Suite 2160 , New York, New York, USA, NY 10279


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