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This content is provided by RFF Law Firm Tax & Business.

Partners: Rogério M Fernandes Ferreira, Marta Machado De Almeida
Number of lawyers: 26
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian

Firm Overview:
Rogério Fernandes Ferreira & Associados is the first tax law boutique in Portugal, having a full-fledged team dealing with national, European and international tax and business matters, which has long been working together, thus providing high quality legal services to its clients. Being a specialised law firm, RFF & Associados focuses on providing its clients, either individuals, companies or other legal entities, with top-notch legal assistance in all tax and business matters, including those related to tax litigation, tax planning, excise tax, customs tax, social security, accounting law, labour, corporate and litigation matters. RFF & Associados is, by nature, an international law firm, based in Portugal and present in the Portuguese-speaking world (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Macau and East Timor) and also in China (Pequim, Xangai, Shengdu and Shenzhen). RFF & Associados is tax correspondent of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) for Angola, Mozambique and East Timor and the founding partner is the president of the International Fiscal Associal (IFA) and of the Institute Latinoamericano de Derecho Tributario (ILADT) Poruguese branches.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Tax Litigation
-Corporate Tax
-International Tax
-VAT, Customs and Excise Duties
-Private Clients
-Property Taxes & Real Estate
-Accounting & Budgetary Law
-Business Law

Tax Litigation:
■ Tax arbitration
■ Social security litigation
■ Tax charges litigation
■ Special taxes and parafiscal charges litigation
■ Tax litigation
■ Tax Inspection litigation
■ Taxable income review

Criminal Tax Law & Administrative Tax Offences:
■ Social Security misdemeanours
■ Tax and customs crimes
■ Crimes against social security

Corporate Tax:
■ Tax benefits
■ Special contributions
■ State and local surtaxes
■ Corporate income tax
■ Investment and employability incentives
■ Tax rates
■ Parafiscal charges

International Tax:
■ Double Taxation Agreements (DTA)
■ Foreign investment
■ Cross-border restructurings and acquisitions
■ European taxation
■ International taxation 

VAT, Customs & Excise Duties:
■ Customs taxes
■ Special consumption taxes
■ Net wealth taxes
■ Value Added Tax (VAT)

Private Clients:
■ Tax reporting obligations
■ Bank domiciliation
■ Expatriates
■ Importation of personal assets
■ Personal Income Tax (PIT)
■ Citizenship and naturalisation
■ Ex-residents regime
■ Tax and assets reorganisation
■ Non-habitual residents regime (NHR)
■ Social security
■ Inheritance and gift taxes
■ Residency visas

Property Taxes & Real Estate:
■ Local housing (Alojamento local)
■ Rental taxation
■ Real estate municipal tax
■ Real estate transfer tax
■ Stamp duty
■ Real estate investments
■ Real estate transactions

Accounting & Budgetary Law:
■ Financial Law
■ Budgetary Law
■ Real estate, assets and projects funding

Business Law:
■ Company and assets acquisitions
■ Bank domiciliation
■ Company structuring and restructuring
■ Mergers and Acquisitions
■ Golden visa
■ Corporate governance
■ Foreign investment
■ Startups

International Desks:
■ African Desk
■ Asian Desk
■ Brazilian Desk
■ French Desk
■ Italian Desk
■ Scandinavian Desk
■ UK and USA Desk