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PRCG Haggerty

New York Office

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CEO: James F. Haggerty

Languages: English, French 

Overview & History: 

PRCG | Haggerty LLC ( is a specialist communications consultancy with a worldwide reputation in Crisis & Litigation Communications, as well as other ‘sensitive’ communications issues. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, PRCG has worked across the United States and around the globe on major litigation PR assignments.

The firm’s many successes include work in some of the largest cases of their kind in history, including:

■ One of the largest global financial fraud cases;

■ The largest intellectual property verdict and appeal;

■ Several of the largest antitrust and product liability cases;

■ The largest-ever single-family Holocaust restitution claim; and

■ The largest class action lawsuit ever filed against the United States government.

Founded in 1993 and led for more than 20 years by attorney and author James F (‘Jim’) Haggerty, the firm has been recognized both in the United States and internationally for a depth of expertise and breadth of resources few other firms of any size can match. Haggerty is the author of the landmark treatise In The Court of Public Opinion: Winning Strategies for Litigation Communications, which was published in its third edition by the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2019. Financial Times has called In the Court of Public Opinion‘the perfect handbook for this age of show trials,’ while PR trade publication The Holmes Report stated that Haggerty ‘literally wrote the book on litigation public relations.’ Jim Haggerty was also honored by PR News in 2017 as a ‘pioneer’ of litigation communications, and the firm was recognised in 2018 by The New York Times for its leadership of ‘sophisticated’, ‘round the clock’ global PR campaigns in legal-related matters. Haggerty is also the author of Chief Crisis Officer: Structure and Leadership for Effective Communications Response, (ABA Books), which was released in paperback in 2019 with a new introduction from the author.

In 2019, PRCG | Haggerty created PRCG | Sports ( to consolidate its work in sports-related public relations, including litigation communications and crisis matters. PRCG | Sports has been involved in numerous litigation and investigatory matters, including those related to Major League Sports, horse racings, as well as amateur and intercollegiate athletics.

PRCG is a proud member of The Crisis Protection Network, a global network of affiliated firms equipped to offer comprehensive crisis and litigation communications services specially-tailored to the needs of each individual client.

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