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This content is provided by Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen.

Chairman: Jorge L Pérez Alati
Executive Committee: Guillermo E Quiñoa, P Eugenio Aramburu, Luis D Barry
Number of partners: 23
Number of lawyers:
Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen is one of the largest and most dynamic full service law firms in Argentina and Latin America, with offices in Buenos Aires and New York. PAGBAM consistently provides significant time commitments form lead partners and other partner-level resources on every matter. This is not only done to meet clients’ expectations but because PAGBAM believes it is the best way to achieve a positive outcome in an efficient and cost-effective manner. PAGBAM is different to other firms, and not only in terms of efficiency and responsiveness. PAGBAM has a market reputation for standing right next to their clients in challenging situations, for having strong values and an active commitment to the community.

Main Areas of Practice:
Administrative Laws & Utilities
Aviation & Maritime Law
Banking & Financial Institutions
Capital Markets
Conservation of Natural Resources
Consumer Protection & Advertisement
Corporate Governance & Compliance
Corporate Law
Debt Restructuring
Energy — Electricity & Other Energies
Estate Planning & Family Law
Intellectual Property
Labor & Employment
License, Franchising & Distribution Agreements
Litigation, Arbitration, Insolvency & Bankruptcy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mining & Renewable Energies
Oil & Gas
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Pro Bono
Project Finance & Infrastructure
Real Estate & Construction
Tax & Customs Law
Technology & Data Protection
Telecommunications & Media

Administrative, Regulatory Law & Utilities:
PAGBAM has ample experience in administrative and public law matters and economic regulation affecting companies operating in regulated and non-regulated markets.
Team: Nicole Jaureguiberry

Antitrust & Consumer Protection:
PAGBAM represents clients in complex antitrust litigation and administrative investigations.
Team: Luis D Barry, Lautaro D Ferro

Banking & Finance:
PAGBAM advises banks and financial institutions on financings, involving multiple types of facilities, currencies, collateral and jurisdictions, as well as on banking, foreign exchange and securities regulatory matters.
Team: Alan Arntsen, Diego Serrano Redonnet, María Gabriela Grigioni

Capital Markets:
PAGBAM assists clients on all types of equity, debt and convertible debt offerings in the domestic and international capital markets.
Team: Diego Serrano Redonnet, María Gabriela Grigioni

Conservation of Natural Resources:
PAGBAM advises the most important national and international donors and property owners of real estate for the creation of national parks, ecological restoration and rewilding.
Team: Nicole Jaureguiberry

Corporate Governance & Compliance:
PAGBAM advises our clients on corporate governance matters, compliance, responsibility, corporate ethics of directors and officers, corporate criminal liability and money laundering.
Team: Alan Arntsen, Guillermo Quiñoa, M Gabriela Grigioni, Enrique Betemps , Vanina Veiga

Corporate Law:
PAGBAM advises clients on setting up different types of entities, including shareholders’ meetings, advice to boards and relationships with shareholders and day-to-day corporate law matters.
Team: P Eugenio Aramburu, Vanina Veiga

PAGBAM advises its clients on regulatory matters, administrative and judicial proceedings, strategic operations, advice on national regulations and international treaties, duty issues and import restrictions.
Team: Manuel M Benites, Andrés Galíndez Debt

Restructuring & Insolvency:
PAGBAM advises on major court and out of court workouts and debt restructurings and exchange or exit consents, representing creditors, debtors, and financial advisors, bondholders and trustees.
Team: Diego Serrano Redonnet, Lautaro D Ferro

PAGBAM advises in the exploration, production, transportation, distribution and marketing of hydrocarbons, as well as electricity generation and distribution.
Team: Francisco Javier Romano

PAGBAM represents life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance companies, brokers and re-insurance companies in matters regarding regulatory and compliance, transactional, dispute resolution and other insurance industry related matters.
Team: Mariano F Grondona

Intellectual Property:
PAGBAM advises on all aspects of intellectual property protection, including trademarks, patents, domain names and utility models registration and protection.
Team: Fernando Alonso, Julio Lago, Santiago Fiorito

Labour & Employment:
PAGBAM advises clients on labour and social security related litigation, the implementation of incentives and benefit plans, and handles negotiations with unions and employees.
Team: Julio Stefanoni Zani, Enrique A Betemps, Julio Lococo

Litigation & Arbitration:
PAGBAM is responsible for complex litigation and all types of legal disputes and court proceedings, including class actions and litigation before the Supreme Court. PAGBAM also assists its clients in the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.
Team: Luis M Incera; Lautaro D Ferro; Arnaldo Cisilino

Mergers & Acquisitions:
PAGBAM represents purchasers, sellers, entrepreneurs, managers and investment funds in transactions involving both public and private companies, including equity and asset acquisitions, mergers, tender offers, leveraged buyouts, spinoffs, divestitures, recapitalisations, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
Team: Jorge L Pérez Alati, Diego Serrano Redonnet, Santiago Daireaux, P Eugenio Aramburu

Private Equity & Venture Capital:
PAGBAM advises on the full range of private equity and venture capital investment-related activities providing advice on all aspects of investments.
Team: Jorge L Pérez Alati, Alan Arntsen, Diego Serrano Redonnet, Santiago Daireaux, P Eugenio Aramburu

Project Finance & Infrastructure:
PAGBAM is involved in commercial bank financings, multilateral, bilateral and ECA financings, construction and term debt facilities, equity and debt syndications, partnerships, public and private bond offerings (including project bonds) and structured receivables arrangements.
Team: Alan Arntsen, Diego Serrano Redonnet, P Eugenio Aramburu

Real Estate:
PAGBAM’s legal advices in the development of some of the most important housing, urbanization and industrial projects in Argentina, the design of construction agreements and the subsequent performance of such agreements, assistance in the acquisition of land and forestry industry and negotiation and drafting of leasing agreements and other related documents.
Team: Guillermo E Quiñoa

The tax practice group deals with both domestic and crossborder contexts. The group has an extensive practice in the resolution of tax controversies and it has obtained remarkable victories in tax litigation before the Supreme Court.
Team: Manuel M Benites, L Marcelo Núñez

Telecommunications, Technology & Data Protection:
PAGBAM provides a full range of legal advice to national and international companies on issues related to the update on the regulation of personal data, data transfers, privacy issues, and litigation for Internet content and services.
Team: Mariano Grondona , Arnaldo Cisilino