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Pellerano & Messina

Santo Domingo Office

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Managing Partners: Ana I. Messina
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 3
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
With the slogan, every client is exclusive, and a goal to provide exceptional specialised legal advice and assistance to local and international companies, Pellerano & Messina is an intellectual property law firm that excels with experienced, capable, active legal practitioners, who recognise the need for the development and protection of all innovation and creation of the human mind that by its very definition refers to Intellectual Property, and consequently are committed to guarantee its protection and that of its creators.

From brand development and trademark procurement, to inventions, products, copyright registrations, and matters related to new technologies and digital law in the context of new economies, covering aspects such as artificial intelligence and the development of online businesses, Pellerano & Messina provides synchronised protection in favour of its client’s IP Rights, through specialised, creative, and practical strategies unlike any other law firm in the Dominican Republic.

Main Areas of Practice:
Intellectual Property
Regulatory Affairs
Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
Industries & Manufacture
Consumer Rights & Protection
Technology, Media & Entertainment
Data Protection
Privacy & Security
Sanitary & Health Compliance
Franchising & Licencing
Agency & Representation

Intellectual Property & Regulatory:

Registration, licence, protection and maintenance of intellectual property rights; patent filing; legal advice and assistance regarding sanitary and health compliance; due diligence in IP related to corporate transactions; noncompete and confidentiality agreements; copyright.

Legal compliance review and assistance related to master franchising, legal assistance, and representation in the negotiation of franchise agreements, from due diligence to IP protection, licencing and distributorships, area development, directorships and unit franchising.

Regulatory Affairs:
From trade issues to best practices, the firm provides its clients with legal guidance and assistance in regulatory practices related to consumer goods (foods, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics); and consumer services (leisure, travel, hospitality, media, events, advertising and marketing; telecommunications – information technology, privacy and internet). Sanitary and health regulations compliance. Procurement, registration, and maintenance of sanitary authorisations (permits).

Technology, Media & Entertainment:
From copyright law and publishing agreements the practice within the broadcasting, music, and social media industries, encompasses the protection of intellectual property rights, performing rights, digital rights, film production and publishing and media contracts and disputes.

Data Protection, Privacy & Security:
Audits for international privacy statements and declarations; legal analysis and counsel regarding the handling, processing, and storage of sensitive personal data in compliance with local regulations and global data transfer management; advice on reservation of rights (software licensing, use and information) and compliance regarding consumer protection regulation (data subject access and opposition rights, data security, data loss prevention and data breaches).

International Work:
The firm manages IP portfolios in the Caribbean region.