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This content is provided by Nielsen Nørager Law Firm LLP.

Number of partners: 17
Total number of lawyers: 31
Languages: Danish, English, French, German, Scandinavian languages

Firm Overview:
Nielsen Nørager was established in 1983 and has offices in the old Metropol building situated at Strøget in the centre of Copenhagen. The firm is focusing on quality work rather than size. The lawyers are generalists each of whom additionally specialises in one or more areas of commercial law. Some lawyers have a dual education and many have taught, published academic and other scholarly work, or worked as arbitration judges.

Main Areas of Practice:
Commercial & Company
Employment & Labour
EU, Public Procurement & Competition
Insurance & Tort
Insolvency & Restructuring
IT & Biotechnology
M&A/Corporate Finance
Marketing & Intellectual Property
Media & Entertainment
Private Law
Public Administration
Real Estate
Regulatory Affairs
Stock Exchange Regulation & Finance

Corporate & Commercial:
11 partners; 5 fee earners
The firm provides business and legal advice across the full range of corporate and commercial law issues to Danish and international clients.
Contact: Jens Arnesen
Tel: +45 3347 7051
Email: [email protected]

Employment & Labour:
2 partners; 2 fee earners
The firm advices on all questions on employment and labour law, draft employment contracts and assists in terminations of employment and the resolution of disputes relating to employment.
Contact: Niels Henrik Nielsen
Tel: +45 5199 9090
Email: [email protected]

EU & Competition:
2 partners; 3 fee earners
The firm has a well-established EU and competition law practice and provides sophisticated competition law advice and public procurement advice at both Danish and EU level. The firm also handles audits, complaints, investigations and notifications, and conducts litigation in competition, merger, public procurement, telecoms, and state aid cases, both before the CJEU and national courts and tribunals.
Contact: Henrik Peytz
Tel: +45 3347 7037
Email: [email protected]

Insolvency & Restructuring:
3 partners; 2 fee earners
The firm offers specialised advice about matters relating to insolvency and restructuring. The firm assists in the negotiation of settlements between creditors and debtors, restructuring of companies in financial distress, as well as in procedures related to suspension of payments and bankruptcy. The firm also conducts litigation related to such matters.
Contact: Frantz Palludan
Tel: +45 3311 4545
Email: [email protected]

7 partners; 4 fee earners
The firm has a leading practice in the field of insurance and tort law, primarily acting for insurance companies. Every year the firm handles litigation in a large number of cases in this area. The firm also advises on the regulation of the insurance industry, including cross-border insurance undertakings.
Contact: Michael S Wiisbye
Tel: +45 3347 7044
Email: [email protected]

3 partners; 3 fee earners
The firm has a long tradition of advising on IT contracts and assists in the resolution of legal IT disputes by arbitration and before the courts.
Contact: Claude Winther Nielsen
Tel: +45 3311 4545
Email: [email protected]

11 partners; 7 fee earners
The firm assists in all areas of conflict solving and has experienced litigation lawyers. The firm’s lawyers frequently appear before the District Courts, the High Courts and the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court, and regularly appear before the Supreme Court. Furthermore, the firm’s partners conduct cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union (Henrik Peytz) and the European Court of Human Rights (Eigil Lego Andersen). The partners frequently conduct arbitration cases or act as arbitrators.
Contact: Eigil Lego Andersen
Tel: +45 3347 7020
Email: [email protected]

M&A/Corporate Finance:
7 partners; 3 fee earners
The firm assists in all kinds of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, divestments, venture capitals transactions, private placements, and stock exchange listings.
Contact: Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen
Tel: +45 3347 7036
Email: [email protected]

Media/Entertainment/Intellectual Property:
2 partners; 2 fee earners
The firm has a long track record acting for international clients in the media sector, ranging from TV, film, cinema, software and internet, to newspapers and magazines.
Contact: Henrik Peytz
Tel: +45 3347 7037
Email: [email protected]

Private Law:
1 partner
The firm offers specialised advice about matters relating to family and inheritance law and assists in the preparation of relevant documents such as nuptial agreements and wills. Furthermore the firm undertakes administration of estates of deceased persons. The firm assists in conflict solution within these areas, whether by formal or informal mediation, litigation or arbitration.
Contact: Bente Lund Poulsen
Tel: +45 3347 7045
Email: [email protected]

Public Administrative Law:
4 partners; 6 fee earners
The firm offers specialised advice in matters of public administrative law.
Contact: Anders Valentiner-Branth
Tel: +45 3347 7040
Email: [email protected]

Real Property & Construction:
6 partners; 3 fee earners
The firm assists clients in commercial real estate transactions on the Danish market and assists in negotiating and drawing up contracts for buying and selling, leaseholds and construction. The firm advises on public law rules governing real property, including planning law and environmental law.
Contact: Birgitte Horn
Tel: +45 3347 7047
Email: [email protected]

Regulatory Affairs:
4 partners; 6 fee earners The firm offers advice on general regulatory issues (such as data protection law and marketing law) and on a number of special regulatory issues such as banking, energy, foods, gaming, insurance, pharma, and telecoms. Contact: Henrik Peytz
Tel: +45 3347 7037
Email: [email protected]

Stock Exchange Regulation & Finance:
2 partners; 2 fee earners
The firm advises on Danish stock exchange regulation and finance law
Contact: Peter Lyck
Tel: +45 3010 3915
Email: [email protected]

2 partners; 2 fee earners
The firm conducts Danish and EU tax litigation.
Contact: Henrik Peytz
Tel: +45 3347 7037
Email: [email protected]