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Mukasey Frenchman LLP

New York Office

Current View:

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Firm Overview:
Mukasey Frenchman LLP is a law firm built specifically for the courtroom. The firm has tried criminal and civil cases across the country against the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Offices, the SEC, and District Attorney’s offices. Bold, experienced and technologically advanced, the firm’s lawyers are prepared for the government investigations and complex cases of the 2020s. When corporations, executives, and professionals need to fight to protect their freedom, their business, or their reputation, Mukasey Frenchman is ready for trial.

Criminal Trials:
Representing the accused at a criminal trial is the most critical assignment a lawyer can undertake. It is the firm’s calling and the heart of its practice. Its lawyers are consistently sought out and hired by clients who need to fight their case at trial and the firm has tried some of the most high-profile and complex criminal cases of recent years. The firm believes that the best defense is a good offense, it embraces technology, and it knows there’s no such thing as too much preparation. The firm’s results are a testament to its dedication. In 2019, it won an acquittal in a complex murder case that captivated the nation. In 2018, it secured a complete acquittal against the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Connecticut in a case involving commodities trading – the first and only acquittal of its kind. It also recently won rare counts of acquittal in a fraud trial involving bond trading, and it achieved an outstanding result for a defendant charged with making false statements on national security forms. The firm has also tried cases involving allegations of insider trading, conspiracy, racketeering, drug trafficking, antitrust violations, assault, and a variety of other topics and subjects.

Government Investigations:
The firm’s team has decades of experience handling criminal and regulatory investigations for corporate and individual clients. It has represented clients in investigations conducted by the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Offices, the Office of Special Counsel, Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, state Attorneys General, District Attorneys offices, a Presidential Commission and the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, among others. When the firm is retained during a confidential investigative stage, it is its goal, where possible, to resolve the matter before charges are filed or the case becomes public. In recent years, the firm has convinced the DOJ, the SEC and the CFTC to abandon investigations, withdraw Wells Notices, and reverse recommendations to file charges. It has also successfully negotiated immunity agreements and non-prosecution agreements for its corporate and individual clients.

Civil Trials:
The firm believes the best results are achieved when the opposition knows you will take your case to trial. Some of America’s most successful and innovative companies have entrusted the firm with their complex matters. A world-renowned real estate development company. A prestigious private equity firm. A groundbreaking life sciences corporation. A leading law firm. The firm’s lawyers have tried a broad mix of civil cases across a wide range of industries and subject matters. The Stratton Oakmont (‘Wolf of Wall Street’) injunction case. The FIRREA case against Countrywide and one of its executives. The Nasdaq market-makers litigation that resulted in permanent structural changes to the OTC equities markets. The multi-billion dollar class action against vitamin manufacturers. The firm has done commercial matters, mass torts, products liability and more. When businesses and executives have their backs against the wall, the firm can help them fight their way out.