Meta-e Discovery LLC

New York Office

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Chairman/CEO: Paul H. McVoy
Number of employees: 11

Overview & History:
Meta-e Discovery was founded in November 2015 by Ariana J. Tadler, Esq. and Paul H. McVoy, spun off from litigation support department of Milberg LLP, which Ms. Tadler and Mr. McVoy had developed into a cutting-edge department sought after to help with the discovery workflow. Meta-e was created to empower small and medium law firms and corporations to be able to litigate large complex matters with the same expertise and advanced computing power as used by the largest law firms and corporations. Since that time, Meta-e has grown to be the service vendor of choice in some of the United States’ largest, most notable litigations. Meta-e’s clients range from single practitioners to large international law firms, all of whom come to Meta-e not only for their mastery of the discovery processes, but for their practical, economical approach to each matter.

-Discovery Consulting
-Data Collection
-Data Hosting
-Technology Assisted Review including Continuous Active Learning

Early Case Consulting:
Meta-e’s team of professionals is often engaged to assist its clients assess their data sources at the outset of a matter to effectively begin the process of setting up defensible legal holds. This may include constructing a data map to be used in the meet and confer process.

Data Collection:
Meta-e works with clients of all sizes to plan and perform proper data collection, working with a client’s information technology department or directly with end clients one on one. Data collections are handled by Meta-e’s Director of Information Technology, A. Joe Flowers, Esq.

Discovery Consulting:
Meta-e has become known for its advanced level of consulting at all stages of the discovery process, from attending 26(f) and discovery meet and confers to appearing in court as technical advisers advocating on behalf of our clients. Meta-e professionals will frequently assist its clients in drafting correspondence, briefs, and preparing affidavits regarding the technical aspects of discovery. Meta-e also provides ongoing consultation during the discovery process to ensure agreements are adhered to and that its client’s rights are adequately protected.

Negotiating ESI Protocols:
Meta-e has developed a draft ESI protocol based on years of negotiating similar protocols in Federal and State courts around the US. Meta-e frequently leads the discussion on behalf of its clients with regards to drafting an effective protocol that not only protects the rights of Meta-e’s clients, but also benefits both parties by making the process efficient and focused on only the data necessary to advance the case. The model protocol has been partially affirmed in the humorous decision Rockford v. Mallinckrodt ARD Inc., where the judge praised the protocol and affirmed the need for quality checking of key words, a pillar of what Meta-e advocates for on behalf of its clients. Paul H. McVoy, Meta-e’s CEO leads the efforts in this area.

Hosting Data in Relativity and One Discovery:
Meta-e offers two options for document review software: a customised version of Relativity and a new tool, One Discovery. Meta-e tailors its approach to each matter, offering tools to fit each case’s needs and budgetary constraints.

Application of Multiple Technology Assisted Review Tools and Approaches for Document Review:
Meta-e has long advocated for the application of some form of technology assisted review for its clients. Meta-e offers several options and customized workflows unique to Meta-e to enable its clients to review more quickly and less expensively than with other service providers. Some examples include: reviewing 500,000 documents in four weeks with only four reviewers in the BP Oil Spill Securities litigation and digesting and prioritizing review of 12 million documents in a very large antitrust matter in 24 hours. This latter process also included the identification of the best documents for the team to use in depositions and trial.