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FIRM NAME: Mattersmith Limited

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Tel: 0333 242 0546

Chief Executive Officer: Andrew Scott

Number of Principals: 2

Number of Lawyers: 3

Number of IT Professionals: 5


Mattersmith was established in 2018 with the vision of supporting businesses looking to improve productivity by solving everyday legal and contractual problems.

Mattersmith’s range of services span from legal contract advice on-demand, to drafting and managing the whole spectrum of its clients’ everyday commercial contracts. Mattersmith also offers its clients access to its proprietary practice management platform, Etimologic, which allows clients to manage the lifecycle of their contracts and knowledge base, including generating legally-sound documents themselves without obtaining legal advice where possible.

Core services include:

■ Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
■ Software licensing agreements.
■ Software development and implementation agreements.
■ SaaS and master services agreements, including service level agreements (SLAs).
■ Introducer, reseller, and distribution agreements.
■ Collaboration agreements.
■ Hold-harmless/non-reliance letters.
■ Outsourcing and services agreements.
■ Data protection policies.
■ Privacy and cookies policies.
■ Complying with subject access requests.


Mattersmith can either manage a client’s contractual needs end-to-end or offer its proprietary software as a service to allow businesses to create and manage their own commercial contracts with ease. Main areas of practice include:

Legal and managed services 

■ Conventional legal advice and assistance to advise on, negotiate, and draft commercial contracts, including software development agreements, SaaS contracts, master services agreements, and channel partner agreements, all supported by Etimologic.
■ Outsourced handling of everyday matters using Etimologic, notably, the review and negotiation of approximately 1,500 NDAs, hold-harmless, and non-reliance letters each year in capital markets.
■ Access to in-house counsel and data protection officer services on-demand, all supported by Etimologic where appropriate, including in RegTech and managed services.


Mattersmith’s key USP is the proprietary technology it uses to help itself and its clients work faster, freeing up more time for strategic business.

Its own legal advice team utilises this technology, with the tools used, tested and proven to save valuable time and generate efficiencies when drawing up commercial agreements. By offering its clients direct access to these same tools, they can also enjoy greater productivity on matters that they deal with themselves.

A flexible, scalable software platform that provides contracts, documentation, and know-how at your fingertips, Etimologic’s functionality comprises:
■ Matter workflow and dashboard (Doc-Tracker);
■ Expert system framework to create automated playbooks, topic modelling, and visualisation (Knowledge).
■ Document assembly to create automated templates (Precedents).
■ Technology assisted review of contracts and other documents which is seamlessly integrated with Knowledge so that users are guided through the issues associated with the content revealed by the search (Doc Analyser)

Etimologic is available with or without Mattersmith’s content.


■ Knowledge management – Knowledge provides a framework of concepts to visualise information and automate rules that ensure a contract is suitable for that scenario.
■ Contract lifecycle management – accelerates the drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts, and their management once agreed.

How clients are benefitting from Etimologic 

■ The outsourced negotiation of approximately 1,500 NDAs is supported at every stage by the platform, allowing the in-house legal team to concentrate on other material issues and Mattersmith’s team to do more within the fixed fee.
■ Remediation of agreements to accommodate the discontinuation of LIBOR is handled using Precedents and Knowledge playbooks at a fraction of the cost of an hour of a trainee’s time.
■ Accelerating the negotiation of master services agreements with numerous banks making sure every issue of concern is systematically and consistently covered.
■ Contracts are in one place and easily accessible so that time is not wasted by trawling through files.
■ Promotion of transparency and the sharing of information to stakeholders to highlight.

Encompass Corporation, General Counsel: “I’ve been using the Mattersmith platform for only a quarter of a year and can already see the interconnections between many SaaS contracts that we have as a company. I haven’t seen anything as useful and as powerful as this before and it makes negotiating new contracts very easy. The team at Mattersmith are responsive and commercially astute having understood our business over a number of years.”

Key Clients Include  

■ Encompass Corporation
■ Prodktr Limited
■ OtherLevels
■ Saunderson House
■ Bequeathed.



11 Telford Ct


NE61 2DB

Phone: 0333 242 0546

Email: [email protected]