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This content is provided by Lomoro & Co Advocates.

Managing Partner: Lomoro Robert
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 12
Languages: English, Arabic

Firm Overview:
Based in South Sudan, but working in collaboration with many international law firms, the firm is a fast growing law firm leading in the provision of legal services related to investments, infrastructural and project financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, corporate tax and revenue, energy, security, consumer law protection and act generally as a leading corporate and commercial law firm. The firm works generally and provides research and consultancies on wide areas of law as the needs of the clients require. The clients include government institutions, international and domestic NGOs, companies and individuals. The firm has an international record of serving clients who are outside South Sudan. The clients come from areas of East Africa, other parts of Africa, Asia, Middle East, USA, Australia and Europe. The firm provides services in collaboration through the network of the law firms it has from the other jurisdictions. Lomoro & Co. Advocates is an award wining law firm both locally and internationally. The Managing Partner, Lomoro Robert is a well-known practitioner recognised globally for his outstanding work. He is the first lawyer in South Sudan to receive Certificate of Honor from the Government. He has received a number of other awards and recognition on his individual merits.

Main Areas of Practice: 

Corporate & Commercial Law:
■This forms the biggest department of the firm and comprises a wide area of practice like: infrastructural and project financing, foreign investments services, energy, immigration and labour laws, contracts, leases and securities/mortgages, business registration, corporate restructuring (M&A), among others
■The firm provides researches and legal advisory role through this department to all types of clients, like banks, investment companies, NGOs, government institutions, among others
■Legislative drafting is provided on special request by government institutions and NGOs funding the process. The lead partner, Lomoro Robert has extensive knowledge of legislative drafting, having participated in the drafting of so many constitutions and laws for the national and state governments of the Republic of South Sudan. Recently, Lomoro led the Committee that drafted the Transitional Constitution of Terekeka State, 2016 and participated in drafting of a number of bills and which have become Acts of Parliament, both at national and state level
■The department is headed by the experienced Lomoro Robert with the support of 4 other lawyers. Jame Moses has established himself as a notable experienced lawyer in terms of business registration for companies and NGOs entering South Sudan
■The department can be contacted directly through email: [email protected] or the Head of the Department: [email protected]

The target companies include manufacturing companies who are establishing themselves in South Sudan and those intending to enter the South Sudan markets. The services include matters related to agency, distributorship, franchise and matters related to consumer protection laws and general local law compliance.

Banking, Finance & Security:
Services provided by this department includes special areas like taxation and revenue, insurance, bank loans or securities involving mortgages, charges, debentures and general advice on security and other land transactions. It assists clients like banks and other credit institutions, insurance companies and investment companies.

Telecommunication & IT:
The firms offers legal services related to technology and IT products and other services as the special needs of the clients require. The clients served here include telecommunication and IT companies and the consumers of these services. The firm also provides consultancies on local law compliance and consumer protection laws related to this area.

This department deals with court cases and alternative dispute settlement. It serves all types of clients from Government institutions, foreign missions, international and local NGOs, companies and individuals. Research & Training: This department deals particularly with the specialised needs of corporate clients. Special training is offered to clients based on their particular needs. The firm carries out research on areas required by the client. As part of the benefits to particular retained clients, the firm carries out research and some of the researched articles are published specifically to give knowledge on important areas that they should know and sometimes give free training to them.

Intellectual Property Rights:
This department deals with matters concerning intellectual property rights such as trademarks registration and litigation matters. While the registration of trademarks is currently suspended by the Business Registry, the firm currently handles only issues related to counterfeit and litigation.