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Founding Member: Tracey I. Levy, [email protected]

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Levy Employment Law, LLC is committed to helping workplaces thrive. Founded ten years ago, the firm's attorneys each have 25 or more years of experience practicing exclusively in the area of employment law, including both large law firm and in-house practice. The firm's niche practice focuses on supporting organizations with workplace investigations, employment advice and counseling, responding to administrative agency complaints on employment law matters, and drafting employment policies and agreements.

Workplace Investigations

Levy Employment Law works with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies and nationally known not-for-profits to start-ups, small businesses and locally based not-for-profits, serving as independent, outside investigators and factfinders in response to internal employee complaints. The firm has conducted hundreds of workplace investigations and is most frequently called upon for particularly sensitive matters, whether because they involve someone in the C-suite, on the Board, or from the Human Resources or Legal team, or because the concerns themselves or related issues are under public scrutiny. For each investigation, the firm's focus is on first identifying the concerns being raised, the relevant policies, and supporting information, then gathering relevant, responsive information and finally reaching determinations as to what is more likely than not to have occurred that are grounded in the factual information gathered, not "gut" or assumptions.

In addition to conducting investigations, several of the firm's attorneys have worked as educators with the Cornell University ILR School’s Scheinman Institute in Manhattan, developing and delivering the Institute's series of courses on conducting effective workplace investigations.

Employment Advice and Responding to Administrative Claims

Levy Employment Law advises business owners, managers and HR professionals on sensitive employee issues, such as managing underperformers, responding to employee concerns, worker classification, wage payment rules, hiring processes, workforce restructurings, and other legal compliance questions. The firm's advisory practice supports small and mid-sized organizations, and the firm serves as local New York/Connecticut counsel for more national or global organizations. The firm also represents organizations in responding to administrative agency inquiries related to discrimination, wage and hour, and unemployment claims, before they reach the hearing level.

Employment Policies and Agreements

Levy Employment Law attorneys see policies and agreements as opportunities; they draft provisions that are clear, concise, and also protective of the organization's interests while complying with the law. The firm works on these documents both for its advisory clients and on a project basis for national and global organizations centered in New York.

Keeping Clients Informed of Employment Law Developments

Since the firm’s founding, it has been publishing a quarterly newsletter,Takeaways, to inform employers of concrete actions they need to take in response to developments in the law. The firm added a blog some years later to delve further into specific employment law considerations.

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