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Managing Partner: Beomsu Kim
Number of partners: 11
Number of lawyers: 32
Languages: Korean, English

Firm Overview:
KL Partners was founded in 2015 by a group of leading specialists in the fields of international dispute resolution and corporate/M&A. Led by partners who pride themselves to be highly regarded by clients and recognised by foremost legal publications as leaders in their respective fields, KL Partners consistently finds itself at the forefront of Korea’s most significant disputes and high-profile M&A transactions. KL Partners began with a goal of not necessarily being the largest firm in Korea but rather, to be the firm of choice for clients facing difficult legal issues, challenging disputes and critical business dealings. Now, however, KL Partners finds itself ever more growing and expanding its service as it grows together with its clients’ global needs KL Partners’ core values are providing dedicated client service based on a keen understanding of the client’s needs and goals, ensuring the highest quality of service led by hands-on partners from start to finish, and offering value-added service by lean teams comprised of specialists in the relevant fields.

Main Areas of Practice:

International Dispute Resolution:

7 partners, 19 fee earners based in Seoul, South Korea
KL Partners, is the first South Korean boutique specialising in international arbitration. KL Partners was initially known recognised as pioneers and front-runners for leading investors in investor-state disputes against Republic of Korea and in financially complex post-M&A disputes. The firm continues to expand that reputation and currently acts as co-counsel in four (4) concurrent investor-state disputes, including the first-ever ICSID proceeding brought against the Republic of Korea (at the time of filing, the largest claim in the history of ICSID).
■ Represented an automobile parts manufacturer in relation to a dispute with a major German automobile company in relation to product liability issues which was successfully settled
■ Represented an automobile parts vendor in a dispute with an Australian automobile parts manufacturer in relation to product liability issues, including obtaining post-arbitration settlement
■ Represented a Belgian investment company in an ISD settlement commenced against the Korean government under the ICSID rules, regarding the sale of a Korean financial institution
■ Representing a number of U.S PEFs in the investor-state disputes (ISD) sought against the Korean government
■ Representing a German farm equipment manufacturer in relation to Korean litigations involving various issues of product liability, wrongful termination, etc. against a local distributor (on-going)
■ Represented a US agriculture producer in relation to Korean litigations involving product liability issues
■ Representing Swedish multinational clothing-retail company in relation to a pending dispute over a breach of a lease agreement entered into with one of the leading retailers in Korea
■ Representing Commodity trading company in Singapore in relation to concurrent civil and criminal proceedings in Korea relating to a commodity sale transaction involving fraud and forgery, etc.
■ Representing Israel Investment Company in a civil claim relating to a series of erroneous off-market options trades that resulted in the execution of unintended trades in excess of US$ 3.5 million, and counterclaims against the securities broker for failure to monitor, etc.
Key Clients: Elliott Funds, Mason Capital Management LLC, Lone Star Funds, ChuanQi IP Co., Ltd., DAELIM Industrial Co., Ltd., Vogo Funds (VIG Partners), PUBG Corporation, POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., Winiadaewoo
Contact: Young Suk Park +82 2 6226 7700
Email: [email protected]

4 partners, 16 fee earners based in Seoul, South Korea
KL Partners’ corporate/M&A team is led by partners who have consistently been recognised by foremost legal publications as ‘Leading Lawyers’ in the field of corporate/M&A in Korea. KL Partners regularly advises on a broad range of corporate matters, including M&A, cross-border investments and private equity transactions that involve multiple languages and multiple jurisdictions. Not only does the firm pride itself of the exceptional English capability of its attorneys rarely found in most Korean law firms, the attorneys are well versed in responding to and utilising the foreign business practices and cultural nuances for the best outcome of its clients.
■ Acquisition of Kumho Construction Hong Kong on behalf of Kumho Group (2019)
■ Advice to Asiana Airlines on issuance of convertibles to KDB/Korea Exim Bank (2019)
■ Sale of Asiana Airlines on behalf of Kumho Industrial Co., Ltd. and Asiana Airlines (2019) Sale of Look Optics on behalf of Neoplux PEF (2019)
■ Acquisition of Zinus, Inc. on behalf of Legend Capital (Ocean Core Limited) (2019) Acquisition of Mathpresso on behalf of Idea Core Limited (2019)
■ Acquisition of SOCAR Mobility Malaysia on behalf of Eugene PE (2019)
■ Sale of Namyeung Vivien corp. on behalf of major shareholders of Namyeung Vivien corp. (2019)
■ Acquisition of BS Rental on behalf of Cactus PE and Dashin PE (2019)
■ Advice to SOCAR on bond issuance to SoftBank Group Corp. (2019)
■ Acquisition of UB Care on behalf of Green Cross Corp. (2020)
■ Advice to Synaptic Investment’s Investment on GC Healthcare Co., Ltd (2020)
■ Advice to Credian Partners on the acquisition of MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp.’s foundry business (2020)
■ Advice to Green Cross Healthcare Co., Ltd.’s Acquisition of UBcare Co., Ltd. (2020)
■ Advice to Business transfer of Magnachip Foundry Sector and Factory in CheongJu to newly established private equity fund (2020)
■ Advice to Kolmar Korea Holding Co., Ltd. And other major shareholders of KolmarPharma Co., Ltd.’ S Stock transfer of KolmarPharma Co., Ltd. (2020)
■ Advice to Business Transfer of CMO Business of Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd. (2020)
■ Advice to Private Equity Funds’ investment in Megazone Cloud Corp. (2020)
■ Advice to Socar (one of the well-developed mobility companies mainly engaged in car-sharing and car-hailing business)’s equity capital inducement from a reputable PE house (2020)
■ Advice to GS Energy’s acquisition of 50% stakes in GS Power which made the target a 100% subsidiary of GS Energy (2020)
Key Clients: Green Cross Healthcare Co., Ltd., Credian Partners Inc., Kolmar Korea Holindgs Co.,Ltd., Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd., MIDAS PE, JKL Partners, Synaptic Investment, SOCAR, SK Telecom, Keistone Partners PEF, GS Energy
Contact: Audrey Lee +82 2 6226 7700
Email: [email protected]