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(202) 640-2850
Managing Partner: William Pittard
Number of Partners: 5
Number of Lawyers: 10

KaiserDillon is a Washington, DC-based boutique litigation firm focusing on politically sensitive matters, high-stakes white-collar defense and government investigations. In the past couple of years, this firm has continued to play a role in just about every important political investigation; from the impeachment, to the Mueller investigation, to the FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Whether KaiserDillon’s clients are in the cross hairs of a government investigation, or merely bystanders hoping not to get swept up into something bigger, the firm is frequently brought in to advise clients, and routinely interacts with federal prosecutors and state attorney general’s offices. KaiserDillon attorneys have represented clients in criminal matters in numerous federal and state courts around the United States. When clients face investigations that expand into criminal charges, KaiserDillon meets those needs as well.

Congressional committees operate under a different set of rules and procedures than do the federal or state courts, with the added pressures of both politics and the press often involved, in addition to the threat of subsequent civil or criminal legal actions. KaiserDillon’s attorneys understand the process, drawing on their defense background with clients under investigation, and from their partners’ own backgrounds working within the U.S. government. Using skills that encompass both perspectives, the firm helps clients by communicating with the investigating committee; evaluating how to respond; providing documents or testimony, as appropriate; preparing witnesses to testify; litigating if necessary; and managing the legal, political and other implications of an investigation and subsequent findings.

Almost all of the attorneys at KaiserDillon attended the nation’s top law schools and clerked for federal judges. Many have spent significant time in public service as prosecutors, public defenders or government appointees. KaiserDillon’s team is uniquely positioned to help clients in high-stakes matters and has a strong track record of success in defending individuals and companies.


  • White-Collar Defense
  • Congressional Investigations
  • Civil Litigation
  • Legal Ethics & Malpractice
  • Campus Disciplinary Defense

White-Collar Defense
KaiserDillon has represented clients in high-stakes criminal matters in numerous federal and state courts across the United States. They have a strong track record of trial work, victories on pretrial motions, successful sentencing advocacy and negotiations to resolve cases short of a trial. The firm understands that clients in criminal cases are fighting for their lives and that the consequences can significantly affect their reputation, career, family and finances.

Congressional Investigations
KaiserDillon’s partners understand the congressional investigation process from their work with clients under investigation, and from their work within the government. Partner, Bill Pittard joined the firm after serving as Acting General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives, where he advised on and litigated significant constitutional issues and worked with congressional committees conducting investigations into issues ranging from the use of performance-enhancing substances in professional sports to gun-walking on the U.S.-Mexico border. Bill now particularly focuses on clients connected to the Legislative Branch, whether as officials of that branch or as individuals and businesses preparing for congressional hearings or otherwise responding to congressional inquiries.

Civil Litigation
If an individual or company is being sued, or has been wronged and is looking to the courts to make things right, KaiserDillon is a go-to advocate and counselor. Their team will thoroughly discuss, and help you navigate, your options. KaiserDillon attorneys have a wide range of civil litigation experience: they have helped startups challenged by big brand competitors and small businesses embroiled in contractual disputes. They’ve represented directors, officers, employees and companies, big and small, in litigation threatening or vindicating reputations and finances. Whether you are seeking to disentangle yourself from a business partnership, or you have been treated unscrupulously by an investment professional, the KaiserDillon team can help.

Legal Ethics & Malpractice
KaiserDillon helps both lawyers and clients in legal ethics and malpractice matters. Both kinds of cases require an understanding of the specialized and evolving laws and regulations that govern the professional responsibility obligations of lawyers. The firm advises lawyers on compliance and professional obligations, and represents clients in malpractice claims against prior lawyers, as they believe clients with disputes also deserve representation.

Campus Disciplinary Defense
KaiserDillon has represented students at dozens of schools across the country. They’re lawyers have written on Title IX and the problems with how schools implement Title IX guidance in national publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Time magazine. They have also taught other lawyers how to do these cases and given presentations to Title IX coordinators about how to set up a fair process at their schools.