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Partners: Pietro Ichino, Guglielmo Burragato, Andrea Fortunat, Margherita Covi, Carlo Fossati, Sergio Passerini, Franco Tofacchi, Francesco Brugnatelli, Evangelista Basile, Piergiovanni Mandruzzato, Luca Daffra, Francesco Antonio La Badessa, Laura Panciroli, Massimo Pallini
Number of partners: 14
Number of lawyers: 40
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Over 120 years the firm has evolved from being the chamber of a locally renowned lawyer to become one of the most highly praised law firms by domestic and international clients. Since 1979, Ichino Brugnatelli has developed to become a leader in employment an labour law practices. Based in Milan and in Rome, the firm provides advice and representation to companies, included state-owned enterprises, mainly.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Employment & Labour LAw
■ GDPR Compliance
■ Employees’ Perks & Social Security
■ Labour Due Diligences
■ Corporate
■ Litigation & Arbitration

Employment & Labour Law:
12 partners, 32 fee earners
Out-of-court representation and assistance, as well as alternative dispute resolution, include:
■ Tendering advice, drafting and checking documents and acts regarding labour relations, contract administration, grievance settlements,workers’ compensation claims, and staff management
■ Interpretation of law regulations and contract clauses; providing strategic consultation in the face of workplace changes, office moving, suitable work offers/claims, promotions, bonuses, benefits
■ Assisting in drawing up and executing employment-related agreements, either individualor collective
■ Providing consultation and assistance for developing and writing out workplace regulationsor for adopting and revising personnel policies and procedures
■ Designing, drafting and implementing various types of restructuring/transfer programs
■ Counselling on ways to prevent litigation, as well as evaluating risks of arising difficulties or potential disputes
Key Clients: Company clients span from the banking sector to fashion, retail, telecommunication,chemical, and automotive industries.
Contact: Franco Tofacchi
Tel: +39 02 4819 3249
Email: [email protected]

GDPR Compliance:
2 partners, 4 fee earners
The advice provided by the law-firm helps company clients understand and adhere to the general data protection regime that applies to most EU businesses and organisations. It covers the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in Italy, tailored by domestic laws.
Key Clients: The firm’s clients are located in Italy and abroad, spanning from small enterprises to large companies, as well as individuals involved in issues related to this area.
Contact: Sergio Passerini
Tel: +39 02 4819 3249
Email: [email protected]

Employees’ Perks & Social Security:
4 partners, 10 fee earners
Tailored assistance to company clients regarding both employee benefits that are mandated by the law, such as coverage for injuries at work, and those types of employee benefits that companies are not required to offer, but may choose to provide to their employees, to create a competitive package for the potential employee. Advising employers with respect to every financial and labour aspect of supplementary pension funds, and providing cooperation with their management. Providing assistance and advise to companies and employers in case of inspections from government authorities relative to the compliance with social security regulations and statutory provisions regard-ing personnel.
Key Clients: The firm’s clients are companies oper-ating in various industries, especially as regards em-ployees benefit plans, and also individuals involved in social security matters.
Contact: Luca Daffra
Tel: +39 02 4819 3249
Email: [email protected]

Labour Due Diligences:
Labour due diligences, in case of company mergers and acquisitions in particular, analyse the adequacy of the company to current legislation in many areas, such as, without limitation, social security, recruit-ment process, different contractual arrangements for workers and senior management, specific covenants, contract which contains guarantee or safeguard clauses, contractual obligation, long-term contract, bonus to relevant directors, incentives, remunera-tion policies, confidentiality, salary arrears, pending litigation, pending compensation, injuries at work, health and security in the workplace, labour inspec-tions.
Key Clients: Company clients are mostly companies involved in mergers or acquisitions. They are leading companies in various industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, automotive, mechanical, telecommuncations.
Contact: Piergiovanni Mandruzzato
Tel: +39 02 4819 3249
Email: [email protected]

2 partners, 5 fee earners
Lawyers specialising in this area assist client com-panies with matters related to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, withdrawal from partnership, legal actions, opposition to shareholders’ meeting resolu-tions, and company agreements, as well as start-ups, even by foreign companies wishing to expand into Italy.
Key Clients: Company clients span from small not-for-profits to large publicly-held corporations, as well as individuals in charge of such companies. Foreign companies also include Chinese companies running their businesses in Italy.
Contact: Francesco Brugnatelli
Tel: +39 02 4819 3228
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Arbitration:
14 partners, 37 fee earners
Most attorneys have practiced litigation broadly for decades, including before the National Highest Courts and the European Court of Justice. The firm’s experiences cover all main industry sectors, therefore assistance is provided with a full spectrum of issues, bargaining practices, unions and social security matters, all employment-related disputes, such as those regarding either individual or collec-tive contract termination, wrongful termination, claims for higher positions, claims for damages for harassment, demotion, or unsuitable work, and any kind of business-related issues, including those typi-cal of the banking sector.
Key Clients: Company clients span from the bank-ing and financial sectors to fashion, telecommunica-tion, chemical, and industrial sectors.
Contact: Guglielmo Burragato
Tel: +39 02 4819 3249
Email: [email protected]