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Houston Office

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Managing Partner: John B Thomas
Number of partners: 9
Number of lawyers: 25

Firm Overview:
Based in Houston, Texas, Hicks Thomas LLP is a premier business and tort litigation boutique representing both plaintiffs and defendants. For more than 20 years, the firm has assisted its clients in matters related to energy, environmental and toxic torts, product liability, antitrust and anti-competitive practices, and employment and labor disputes.
The firm’s philosophy is based on not just winning, but winning smart. Hicks Thomas accomplishes this by thoroughly analyzing a client’s issues, including the risks faced across a variety of different scenarios, then developing a strategy that will deliver the best possible results. In doing so, the firm is not only meeting the immediate challenge, but also anticipating future issues that could arise and positioning the client to achieve the company or individual’s long-term goals. Hicks Thomas has consistently delivered successful results and gained a reputation for excellence, efficiency, and outstanding client service.
With a team of 25 attorneys and offices in Houston, Austin, Amarillo, Beaumont, and Sacramento, California, the firm has the depth of talent and flexibility to meet challenges of all types and sizes.

Main Areas of Practice:

Appellate Practice:
The Hicks Thomas’ appellate practice includes an attorney who is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The firm has considerable experience in appellate actions, including appeals of final judgments, Supreme Court petitions, interlocutory appeals, mandamus petitions, as well as stays of injunctions pending appeal. Because an appeal can quickly change a trial court’s ruling, the firm creates customized and unique strategies tailored to fit a client’s specific circumstances.
Attorneys: Stephen Barrick, Liz Larson, Gregg Laswell

Business Litigation:
Hicks Thomas helps companies navigate a complex legal system in business litigation matters including corporate crises, mergers, acquisitions, and joint sales, partnerships and shareholder disputes, trademark enforcements, and many others. The firm carefully considers the challenges to business within the legal system and understands the corporate environment and the economic impacts of litigation. The firm assesses how these elements influence specific companies and specialized fields of work, and how they affect an industry. That knowledge then forms the basis of the firm’s strategy moving forward.
Attorneys: John Thomas, Stephen Barrick, Kasi Chadwick, Courtney Ervin, Allison Fisher, Jay Goossen, Robin Harrison, Stewart Hoffer, Stephen Loftin, Allen Rustay, Abbie Sprague

Construction Litigation:
Hicks Thomas pursues legal solutions that protect its clients’ interests and investments, whether through negotiation, litigation, or arbitration. The firm’s construction practice serves clients involved in all phases of private and public construction projects, including owners, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, suppliers and vendors, as well as construction consulting and management firms.
Attorneys: John Thomas, John Deis, Courtney Ervin, Jay Fancher, Jay Old, Abbie Sprague

Environmental Litigation:
Hicks Thomas serves client litigation needs in environmental matters across the natural resources, chemical, and industrial sectors. The firm provides guidance on federal laws from CERCLA and RCRA to state common-law doctrines of nuisance and trespass. In the past, the firm has served in trial and appellate matters as national litigation counsel for distributors and manufacturers of both chemical and industrial products, together with oil and gas producers. The firm has defended more than 4,500 claims of personal injury and property damage in California, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. Among its clients in this area are individuals, businesses, municipalities, and public and private water purveyors.
Attorneys: John Thomas, Allison Fisher and Stephen Loftin

Labor & Employment Litigation:
Hicks Thomas litigates in federal and state courts across the country and prosecutes and defends administrative proceedings before federal and state agencies alike. The firm’s employment attorneys have experience with trade secrets, termination issues, disability accommodations, employment agreements, and more. The firm understands that labor and employment matters have the potential to hobble a business, sometimes irreparably. Its labor and employment practice seeks to settle matters quickly and efficiently so that operations, as well as those they serve and support, are affected as little as possible.
Attorneys: John Thomas, Kasi Chadwick, Stewart Hoffer, Stephen Loftin, Abbie Sprague

Oil & Gas Litigation:
The firm has resolved Oil & Gas matters related to commercial torts, hurricane damage liability claims, pipeline, drilling, and oil rig litigation, contract agreement litigation, products defects, and force majeure claims in a variety of forums. These include litigation in state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as through domestic and international arbitration processes. Hicks Thomas has represented product suppliers, drilling contractors, vessel owners, service companies, and operators.
Attorneys: John Thomas, John Deis, Courtney Ervin, Paul Mitchell, Allen Rustay