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London Office

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Overview & History: 

  • G3 is a high-end strategic intelligence and investigations firm.
  • Established in 2004 and headquartered in London, G3 leverages a global network that reaches into almost every jurisdiction and market sector to provide its clients with commercially relevant intelligence.
  • Underpinning this platform are the skills and experience of an established, senior team drawn from finance, the law, government and investigations backgrounds, supported by a bench of Senior Advisers.
  • Its discreet and commercial approach is trusted by four of the five largest energy companies in Europe, seven of the ten largest investment funds globally, FTSE100 and Fortune50 companies, and most of the world’s leading law firms.


Strategic Intelligence 

Deal-related intelligence, helping clients to fully understand the commercial dynamics of a deal environment while providing advice on navigating uncertainties and mitigating risks. Intelligence may involve mapping a competitor landscape, analysing regulatory change, identifying internal or unforeseen threats, or assessing the integrity of key customer relationships. G3’s information and advice aims to enable business relationships and progress transactions, through relevant insights and frank advice about potential risks.

Reputational Due Diligence 

Due diligence on prospective acquisition targets, business partners, management teams and senior hires, particularly where managing regulatory and reputational risks alongside understanding commercial capabilities is critical. G3 addresses matters relating to personal and professional integrity, bribery, corruption or fraud, and investigate ESG issues such as human rights abuses, labour force exploitation, environmental misconduct and supply chain concerns.

Market Entry 

Understanding the broader context around a market entry strategy. Includes exploration of market dynamics, evaluating the agenda of in-country stakeholders including governments and regulators, and identifying and profiling key decision-makers. G3 also provides country- and market-risk assessments, covering areas from internal political dynamics through to corruption and state-capture risks.


Working with corporate counsel and legal teams to investigate fraud, corruption claims and whistle-blowing allegations. Core skills include forensic accounting, books and records analysis, lifestyle profiling, and witness interviewing.

Litigation Support 

Support in the context of complex legal disputes, by identifying information and intelligence for leverage around settlement negotiations or to support litigation strategies. This may include gathering evidence, identifying and locating witnesses, providing affidavits on findings, and review of documentary material. G3 also identifies, maps and locates assets to assist lawyers before considering whether to launch a case and to support enforcement of judgements and awards. 

Cyber Defence 

Assessment of IT security infrastructure and hostile actor defence systems. Includes technical evaluation and penetration-testing, screening of CSO and relevant IT and risk teams, incident management processes, and gap analysis of overall security culture.

Key contacts: 

Head of Americas: Goran Maksimovic

[email protected]

Head of Asia: Mike Swaine

[email protected]

Head of CIS: Rupert Benzecry

[email protected]

Head of Europe: Tom Russell

[email protected] 

Head of MENA: Kayla Branson-Leung

[email protected]

Head of Sub-Saharan Africa: Darcie Allen

[email protected]

Head of Investigations: Aakash Brahmachari

[email protected]

Head of Strategic Intelligence: Anwar Darkazally

[email protected]

Executive Chairman: Michael Bevan

[email protected] 

CEO: Nick Alcock

[email protected]