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This content is provided by Factor Risk Management.

Overview & Expertise
Factor Risk Management was established by a group of litigation finance and after-the-event insur-ance industry experts to solve the inefficiencies of a litigation risk market that is often complex and opaque.

Mitigating Risk – Maximising Reward
FRM helps claimants, law firms, corporates, insolvency practitioners and others navigate the intricacies of the litigation insurance and funding world. The firm assists by showing you the possibilities that may exist in managing your down-side litigation risk whilst increasing your up-side and work closely with you to prepare a proposal likely to garner the greatest level of interest from the market. FRM helps its clients save time and resource by opening the door to the right entities, at the right time and help make the right choices in choosing whom to partner with, and at what cost. As a solution-based provider, with an absolute alignment of interest with its clients, the firm leverages its market-leading expertise and experience to your advantage.Simply put, at no up-front cost to you, FRM makes the task of mitigating your risk and maximising your reward more efficient and cost-effective by providing you with a competitive edge.
FRM’s comprehensive range of services include:
■ Arranging and advising on legal expenses insurance and litigation funding
■ Dispute consultancy and market advice
■ Ongoing policy and funding agreement support
■ Implementation and management of high-volume scheme business