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Diligencia Group

Oxford Office

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Firm Overview:

Diligencia provides its clients with access to trusted legal entity data as a foundation for their due diligence casework in Africa and the wider Middle East, supported by tailored corporate intelligence for those who require deeper insight. The Oxford-based company uses only primary, authoritative sources to capture externally verified content for a region which is hugely underserved by readily accessible information on corporate entities, their relationships and assets. In this way, Diligencia ensures accuracy and compliance with generally accepted global standards for sourcing information required for due diligence processes.

The company’s business model differs from other information providers; between the large consultancies who do not tend to own data but offer highly customised solutions, and the global data providers that provide large, static databases with little in the way of personalised service, Diligencia is carving out a ‘third way’ of providing intelligently curated data at scale combined with highly responsive client service.

The company was established in 2008 and now has a team of more than 70 multi-lingual analysts, software developers and operations specialists across three offices – Oxford (headquarters), Tangier and Dubai.

Diligencia’s flagship online platform,, offers access to verified information on over 15 million organisations and individuals, enabling users to quickly identify ultimate beneficial owners, legal entity identifiers, links to ruling families, family offices and State-owned enterprises in the region, and to conduct compliance screening.

Organisation and individual profiles hold information on company registration, ownership, management, subsidiaries and associated companies and wider direct and indirect relationships.

Specialist Corporate Intelligence:

For those situations where a deeper level of analysis is required, Diligencia offers a range of specialist corporate intelligence services ranging from litigation support, asset tracing and official record retrieval.

This combination of data at scale and targeted insight enables their clients to effectively manage their compliance obligations, market strategies and counterparty risks across Africa and the wider Middle East region.


The company regularly supports lawyers and other advisers working on M&A transactions, disputes and litigation cases, by conducting in-depth public record research in the relevant jurisdiction. Diligencia helps to:

  • Accelerate conflict checks, business acceptance and client on-boarding
  • Confirm ownership and corporate structures of counterparties
  • Identify associations and relationships across the MEA region as possible avenues of investigation
  • Asset tracing: identify shareholdings and property ownership of parties
  • Individual tracing: establish travel movements and whereabouts of individuals
  • Litigation checks: search for historical and current litigation against companies and individuals

Media Coverage:

Diligencia’s research has been instrumental in a number of investigative global news stories and their commentary and perspectives have recently featured in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and MEED.


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