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This content is provided by DiCello Levitt Gutzler.

DiCello Levitt Gutzler was founded in 2017 as a new kind of law firm—one that starts with a basic philosophy: that everyone at the firm is a vital team member, with a voice and talents that add value in any situation. The firm is dedicated to achieving justice for its clients through class action, business-to-business, public client, whistleblower, and personal injury litigation.

Representing institutional investors, individuals, businesses, and public clients, the firm’s attorneys have successfully prosecuted and settled numerous complex cases and class actions, resulting in billions of dollars in recoveries for their clients and other class members.

Partners Mark DiCello, Adam Levitt, and Greg Gutzler lead a top-notch team of recognized leaders who share a collective depth of experience and steadfast commitment to justice. Their tireless advocacy on behalf of their clients is well-known, led Mike Bowers, Georgia’s former Attorney General, to characterize a settlement obtained by partners Adam Levitt and Amy Keller on behalf of small business owners against a major credit card processor as a “work of art,” and “one of the best pieces of legal work I have ever observed.”Champs Sports Bar & Grill v. Mercury Payment Systems, LLC, No. 16-cv-00012 (N.D. Ga.).

Venture Partners With Clients: DiCello Levitt Gutzler has resolved more than $16B worth of cases since its founding. The firm delivers results in an innovative way by venturing cases with its clients as partners—aligning our collective interests and enhancing our clients’ management of litigation risk.

Based on our successful track record, we have forged a reputation for success in complex litigation and arbitration. Because of our close venture relationships with our clients, our clients can be confident that we will pursue their matters with matched tenacity, and that we will assess their mission-critical needs as we would for our own business. In our case analysis and preparation, we focus on the end result—a successful settlement or trial verdict. Our singular focus delivers cohesive and compelling thematic and evidentiary foundations. We don’t use a set playbook; rather, we adapt our broad toolkit to each client’s unique goals and needs. Correspondingly, our flexible billing arrangements demonstrate our commitment to every client’s particular circumstances, creating opportunities to litigate the most challenging of cases to a successful resolution.

Strong Consumer Advocates: In addition to our successful commercial litigation practice, we have a strong reputation as one of the foremost consumer advocacy firms in the country. Our attorneys have successfully led—and are presently leading—many large class and multidistrict actions, including against industry titans such as Boeing, Zurich, Coca-Cola, ADM, Apple, Intel, Abbott Labs, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Equifax, and representing businesses and investors in arbitrations and litigation in multiple courts across the United States and internationally.

Trial-First Focus: DiCello Levitt Gutzler’s proven ability to try cases further distinguishes the firm from its competitors. Through its trial-first approach—having led more than 100 focus groups and four major trials in 2019 alone—the firm crafts practical and effective legal and business solutions for its clients. Our thematic approach drives all strategic decisions to deliver optimal results. The firm’s in-house focus group and mock-jury practice—a unique and primary differentiator from other plaintiffs’ law firms—allows its attorneys to streamline cases by identifying case themes early on, ensuring that discovery is geared toward those themes and the individual elements that the firm will have to prove in any case. This distinctive focus group practice also assists the firm’s attorneys in preparing for trial, allowing them to capture the jury’s attention on the key issues as they continuously hone oral and closing arguments, and simulate trials and oral arguments in a courtroom setting. The firm’s in-house operations allow for dramatic cost and resource savings in the cases that the firm’s attorneys handle and ensures that each case the firm takes on is “trial-ready.” These dramatic cost and resource savings benefit the firm’s clients (and, in class cases, the other class members), leaving additional funds to be distributed to them from any recoveries.

If an action advances to trial, Robert F. DiCello, one of the leading trial lawyers in the United States, joins the trial team. Mr. DiCello is an invaluable addition to any trial team, with his unparalleled successful trial experience and his proven skill in working with focus groups to prepare for trial. A powerful storyteller and trial lawyer, Mr. DiCello has secured multiple multi-million-dollar recoveries for victims, across a variety of fields. Other members of the firm’s trial team are consistent thought leaders on applying cognitive neuroscience techniques to trial advocacy, both as trial lawyers and as frequent instructors to other trial lawyers across the United States.

Areas of Practice: 

  • Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Class Action Litigation
  • Civil and Human Rights Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Labor and Employment Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Public Client
  • Securities and Financial Services
  • Technology, Privacy, and Cybersecurity
  • Whistleblower, Qui Tam, and False Claims Act