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De Marck Advogados

Criciúma - SC Office

Current View:

This content is provided by De Marck Advogados.

Firm Overview: 

With a work guided by ethics and quality in the services offered, De Marck Advogados has been operating since 1994 with the aim of preventing and mitigating the number of legal and extrajudicial demands of its clients.

Experience and credibility acquired by valuing, on a daily basis, the personalized service and technical excellence of its team, which entitles it to serve companies from all regions of the country and consolidated as one of the main business law firms in the southern region of Santa Catarina.

Its portfolio includes clients established in the most varied segments of the economy, such as plastic industries, cargo transport, metallurgy and agents, food industries, commerce, commercial development companies and employers' unions.

The De Marck Advogados office always seeks to provide, with unparalleled zeal, a preventive and strategic legal assessment to its clients, assisting them in decision-making, informing them about legal implications (favorable or unfavorable) concerning the business company be undertaken and helping to avoid the pitfalls inherent in the corporate world.

Main Areas of Practice: 

Administrative: Through a multidisciplinary team and with extensive knowledge of federal and regional legislation, the office has a prominent role in administrative litigation before the most varied public entities, as well as in judicial litigation.

Contracts: Acting in a preventive manner, De Marck Advogados advises on the preparation, review and analysis of contracts in their various types. It acts, especially, in consulting, reviewing and formulating business contracts.

Family & Successions: In such a delicate and secret area, the firm provides legal services that involve matters related to Family Law such as separation, divorce, precautionary measures, alimony, custody, interdiction, etc. It also operates in administrative and judicial procedures related to the law and succession planning, as well as in the preparation, consulting and review of prenuptial agreements.

Employers' Labor and Employers' Unions: Directed almost exclusively to the business area, labor legal advice has an imminently preventive character, with the aim of avoiding the emergence of labor liabilities. Working together with the personnel and human resources departments of its clients, the De Marck Advogados office team provides legal-advisory support in order to achieve operational solutions for companies within the prevailing labor standards. It is also active in labor litigation and in the administrative spheres, especially before the Ministério Público do Trabalho and Superintendência Regional do Trabalho.

Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy: The De Marck Advogados office provides all the support to meet the daily needs required by its clients' businesses, acting in the representation of companies and creditors in judicial recovery and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as assisting in the planning of reorganization companies and debt restructuring.

Real estate: The office has experienced professionals to offer safe and effective solutions in a constantly expanding market. A team that works in consulting and drafting real estate contracts, in the judicial collection of credit arising from these negotiations.

Civil Liability: Among the works carried out in this legal field, there is the provision of advice in legal proceedings that have as their scope the determination of contractual and extra-contractual civil liability, preventive advice in order to minimize the civil risk of legal entities.

Corporate: The corporate area of ​​the firm De Marck Advogados is able to provide full legal assistance for the incorporation of companies in person before government bodies, as well as legal assistance in administrative and judicial proceedings for corporate dissolution, and in procedures for disregarding legal personality and civil liability of the partners.

Tax: The office offers legal services in tax administrative procedures filed by the Federal, State and Municipal Treasury. Provides tax consultancy and planning, aiming to find legal alternatives to reduce companies' tax expenses, providing, among other solutions, the payment of debts in this order and suspension of incorrect collection of taxes by the Tax Authorities. In the Judicial scope, it advises on several tax actions.

Fomento Mercantil & FIDC: The services offered by De Marck Advogados include risk assessment in the assignment or obtaining of credits, assistance in the evaluation of debt securities and payment guarantees, as well as the drafting of contracts for the acquisition of titles and promotions merchants.

Credit Recovery: With extensive experience in the area, De Marck Advogados provides legal advisory services in all spheres and procedures available for credit recovery. It maintains a team of negotiating lawyers specialized in the execution of agreements and (extra) judicial charges.

Team overview: 

Founding partner: Vladimir De Marck

Lawyers: Sidinei João Straus; Alessandro Luigi Licks Bertollo; José Paulo de Freitas Júnior; Joana Borsatto D’Agostin & Henrique Naiz Ronchi.