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Santiago de Chile Office

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Managing Partners: Javier de Iruarrizaga Samaniego, Pablo de Iruarrizaga Samaniego, Juan Rafael Arnaiz Johnson
Senior Partners: Javier de Iruarrizaga Samaniego, Pablo de Iruarrizaga Samaniego, Juan Rafael Arnaiz Johnson, Isidora Zenteno Vidal, Paulo Bustos Rossi, Pedro Cobo Montalva
Number of partners: 6
Number of other lawyers: 8

Real Estate & Urban Law:
Isidora Zenteno Vidal
Civil, Commercial & Bankruptcy Laws: Eduardo Panza Cerda
Tax: Fernando Valdés Romero

Firm Overview:
DE IRUARRIZAGA, ARNAIZ Y COMPAÑÍA was established in 1997, bringing together experienced attorneys who provide clients with high quality legal counsel and support in all legal areas. In this endeavour, the firm has built stable, solid and lasting bonds with its clients.

The firm is well known for the quality of its service in diverse law areas, including corporations, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, civil and commercial law, real estate law, competitive bids, foreign trade, antitrust law, banking and finance, tax and customs law bankruptcy, lawsuits, arbitration and alternative dispute settlement methods, administrative law, social security and labour law.

The firm's efforts are focussed on researching and providing practical, creative, agile and efficient legal solutions that will enable clients to achieve the objectives they desire. Its professionals have vast experience which allows them to successfully act in a complex global market, combining their knowledge, legal and commercial skills, prompt answers, personalised attention from the partners, and reasonable and competitive fees.

The firm offers the specific counsel required by each client and it is prepared to offer a wide range of highly complex legal services.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Real Estate & Urban Law
■ Civil, Commercial & Bankruptcy Law
■ Labour Law
■ Tax Law
■ Litigation & Arbitral Procedures
■ Antitrust Law
■ Consumer Rights
■ Foreign Investments

Real Estate & Urban Law:
Commercial, residential and recreational projects. The real estate and urban law area is part of the professional trajectory of the firm, which has advised a significant number of the most outstanding real estate developments carried out in the country.

The firm's experience in this area allows it to provide an efficient professional contribution in all stages of related projects, from planning, financing, purchasing, selling to the complete development of the same.

As a part of the firm's services, it makes thorough and exact work of the properties, reviewing public registers and other information in order to provide complete assurance to its clients on the development and future marketing of their projects. The firm contributes with its clients in the negotiation and writing up of preliminary contracts, of buying and selling, general construction contracts, option contracts and all other proper arrangements for these types of developments.

Civil, Commercial & Bankruptcy:
Contracts, successions, testaments and donations, sales, purchases, rentals, usufructs, incorporation of companies, mergers, acquisitions, financing and securitisation, commercial counselling and bankruptcies.

The commercial law area advises individuals, large, mid‑size and small, and national and foreign companies in all kind of contracts and in all of their relevant legal or responsibility requirements.

It helps its clients to develop and implement their business activities, selecting the best incorporation structure for their needs, including the preparation of shareholder agreements, internal business pacts, company and contractual joint ventures. The practice area plans due diligence processes for mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations.

It counsels creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and creditors’ arrangements proceedings. It also advises companies seeking to reorganise their business activities, allowing them to continue doing business through preventive court or out of court creditors’ arrangements.

Tax counselling, tax planning and litigation. The firm offers complete tax counselling services, based on its corporate and personal income tax experience. This service is integrated with other practice areas in the firm in order to help clients resolve the tax matters that may affect their business structures. The firm sponsors its clients in tax lawsuits and complaints.

English, Spanish.

The main clients of the firm are important national economic groups that develop real estate projects or invest in the development of real estate projects. The firm also advises real estate companies and construction companies.