This content is provided by Dajani & Associates Attorneys and Legal Consultants.

Managing Partner: Rajaie Kamal Dajani
Deputy Managing Partner: Bashar Ammouri
Number of partners: 4
Number of qualified lawyers: 46
Number of lawyers under training: 21
Languages: Arabic, English, Russia

Firm Overview:
Since 1963, D&A has established itself as a consistent law-firm in its standard of delivering first-rate legal advice by providing accurate, clear and efficient legal services in timely manner to meet the distinctive needs of its diversified clients. To successfully maintain meeting these distinctive needs of the largest portfolio of local corporate clients in the country along with a large number of international clients; D&A has been combining academic adequacy and professional experiences in its team with a blend of young presence to add energy, fresh and innovative ideas. In fact, D&A offers to its clients full range of legal services derived from high-quality professionals of the largest team of Qualified Attorneys combined in one Jordanian law-firm.

Main Areas of Practice:

■ The largest acquisition in the Jordanian Banking Sector Acquisition of HSBC Business in Jordan for the account of Arab Jordan Investment Bank (‘AJIB’)
■ Acquisition of Al-Yarmouk Insurance Company by the First Insurance company. This is the first acquisition in the Jordanian insurance industry in the last thirty years following an acquisition that was executed through D&A for Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Co. D&A represented the involved parties in the execution procedures of the agreed upon acquisition before the Jordanian Local Authorities, at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Security Commission, The Insurance Commission
 ■ An acquisition, by the Social Security Corporation/ Social Security Investment Fund (‘SSIF’), of 4,300,000 shares in the Jordanian Potash Company, these shares were fully was owned by the Islamic Development Bank
■ Advising on an acquisition by Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) of 224,162 shares in MadfooatCom, which was completed after performing legal due diligence 

Banking & Finance:
■ Drafting and revising the standard terms and conditions and banking agreements utilised by AJIB and Société Générale De Banque Jordanie (‘SGBJ’) for its corporate and retail clients
■ Revising large number of conventional facility agreements for AJIB, SGBJ and ABC Bank, where the amounts where ranging between tens to hundreds of millions
■ Drafting and assisting AJIB in its online banking and mobile banking documentation, legal instruments, including mobile application
■ Incorporated a finance leasing company for SGBJ, and drafted all standard contracts and the essential legal documentation

■ Represented Jordan Electricity Power Company (‘JEPCO’) in its negotiation and agreement with the Electricity & Natural Resources Commission to successfully acquire a distribution license for 15 years
■ Incorporated the first Special Purpose Vehicle for seven subsidiaries of Al-Haza’a Investment Company (SPV) before the Companies Control Department with the approval of the Electricity & Natural Resources Commission, where this SPV will feed energy to seven factories from the SPV’s 16.5 MW Photovoltaic plant

Negotiations with International Hotel Operators on behalf of the National Company for Tourism Development (‘NTD’) to execute agreements for the management and operation of two large five-star hotels and one four-star hotel in Amman and Aqaba.

Drafted franchise agreements in the food industry and revised a franchise agreement between Al-Haza’a Investment Company with one of the largest British Clothing companies.

On behalf of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, D&A drafted and executed the Jordanian execution legal instruments to release mortgages of four aircrafts, before the Jordanian Civil Aviation Commission (‘CARC’). Thereafter, D&A drafted and executed the aforesaid aircrafts transfer of ownership to Royal Jordanian Airlines before CARC.

Telecommunication & IT:
■ Providing several legal services regarding the legal environment of Jordan, such consultations were provided for leaders in the global market, such as SAP and Swisscom
■ Providing legal consultations regarding purchase of electronic books, music, games and other applications to a leading company in the global market

Dispute Resolution:

■ D&A represented the SSIF in LCIA arbitration proceedings raised by a non-Jordanian company claiming more than USD 100,000,000 based on counterfeited SPA for its share in one of the leading banks in Jordan. Eventually, the case was dismissed by the arbitrator and subsequently the Swiss High-Court dismissed the annulment of the award challenge
■ The Government of Jordan instructed D&A to represent it in an ACID case and an ad-hoc arbitration related to monetary claim of a Qatari investor, each claim value exceeded the USD 100,000,000. The two cases was abandoned by the claimant
■ Representing Elba House, Jordanian Bus Factory, in an arbitration case pursuant to the Jordanian Law, in a claim filed against an insurance company for monetary compensation (approx. USD 3,000,000) caused by fire in the factory. The case is pending

■VOLVO AB and VOLVO TRUCKS appointed D&A to handle two lawsuits in relation to a claimed monetary compensation for distributorship agreement termination
■ Represented Merck KGaA in a compensation claim for terminating a distributorship agreement. The court issued its decision in favour of Merck KGaA by dismissing the claim, which value is approximately USD 12,500,000
■ Representing JEPCO in the biggest historical Jordanian electricity theft
■ Generally, D&A handles a large number of lawsuits in the banking and insurance industries, as D&A duly represents around third of the Jordanian Insurance companies and three major Jordanian banks

Key Clients:
■ ABC Bank
■ Arab Jordan Investment Bank
■ Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Co.
■ Arab Palestinian Investment Company-Jordan
■ Dar Al Dawa Pharmaceuticals
■ Delta Insurance Company
■ Four Seasons Hotel Amman
■ Invest Bank
■ Jordan Electricity Power Company
■ Jerusalem Insurance Company
■ National Company for Tourism Development
■ Societe Generale De Banque Jordanie
■ Social Security Corporation/Social Security Investment Fund
■ Solidarity First Insurance Company
■ Teeba Investment for Developed Food Processing Co.
■ Arab Orient Insurance (GIG)
■ King Hussein Business Park