Curiam Capital LLC

New York Office

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Number of employees: 7

Overview & History:
Curiam Capital LLC is a private investment firm that provides financing for high-value litigation. Founded in January 2018 by Ross Wallin and Owen Cyrulnik, the firm has set itself apart by providing flexible and creative funding solutions through a streamlined and efficient internal diligence process. Curiam invests in most types of commercial, high-value litigation in areas such as securities, antitrust, intellectual property, international arbitration, bankruptcy and insolvency, and class actions. Curiam’s investment process is designed to ensure that claimants will enjoy substantial recoveries even after the cost of financing is considered. Curiam’s team has decades of experience evaluating litigation claims and takes pride in making quick but well-informed investment decisions.

Curiam has a transparent and reliable source of capital. Its main external investor is Michael Platt. Mr. Platt co-founded and is the CEO of BlueCrest Capital Management, a private investment partnership and formerly one of the world’s largest hedge fund managers.

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