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Head of Chambers: Christopher Henley QC
Senior Clerk: Ben Heaviside
Deputy Senior Clerk: Dean Allen
Chambers Administrator: Orla O’Sullivan
Clerks: Jordan Wescott
Fees Clerk: Louisa Wheeler

The Chambers: Carmelite Chambers is one of the longest established criminal sets in the UK. The set’s advocates are at the forefront of UK and international practice and are regularly instructed in high profile cases.

Work Undertaken: As leaders within the field members of chambers undertake work in all criminal and related investigations and proceedings, with specific expertise in serious fraud, terrorism, murder, money laundering, asset recovery, miscarriages of justice, courts martial and health and safety. Chambers offers a highly skilled and experienced team of advocates in all of its specialist areas with a particular emphasis to fraud and regulatory matters.

Carmelite Chambers has represented both individuals and companies in some of the most notable fraud cases in recent years, counsel are instructed in both private and publicly funded fraud matters in both the civil and criminal courts which include complaints related to corruption, cartels, boiler room fraud, diversion fraud, carousel fraud, NHS fraud and mortgage fraud.

Crime: Chambers enjoys a reputation that is second to none in the defence of allegations of serious and organised crime, recognised nationally and internationally for providing advice and representation of the highest quality in the most serious high-profile criminal trials.

Asset Recovery & Civil Fraud: Carmelite Chambers has an unparalleled reputation in defending allegations of serious fraud and its specialist asset recovery and civil fraud team has been formed from its leading experts in criminal fraud, some of whom also have strong backgrounds in civil and commercial law. Their experience and judgment is increasingly sought after by those involved in civil fraud litigation who recognise the significant crossover between commercial, civil, criminal and regulatory work.
Additionally, with regulatory authorities placing an increasing burden upon companies to investigate internal wrongdoing and to self-report, Chambers can advise corporate clients in situations where criminal activity by directors, employees or advisors is suspected as to the proper approach and strategies to be adopted in investigating that activity and, where necessary, on the appropriate co-operation strategies with regulators and prosecuting authorities.

Private Prosecution: Chambers now undertakes private criminal prosecutions for a wide range of criminal offences including serious fraud and money laundering. Increasingly, clients look to the experience of its members to advise on and conduct prosecutions in cases that are beyond the scope of public prosecuting authorities or where the police have conducted inadequate investigations. Chambers offers a complete advisory and advocacy service throughout the private prosecution process with meticulous emphasis on the proper presentation of the case and the prosecutor’s duties of disclosure and impartiality.

Regulatory & Disciplinary Proceedings:
Chambers’ members are regularly instructed amongst others on behalf of doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, police officers and accountants before the Bar Standards Board Disciplinary Tribunal, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, the Police Disciplinary Tribunal, the General Dental Council, the General Medical Council, the NMWC, Accountancy and Actuarial disciplinary panels as well as at Disciplinary Tribunals on behalf of professional sportsmen and women. With their extensive fraud experience members frequently appear before the FSA, VAT and HMRC tribunals.


Christopher Henley QC (1989) (QC-2015)

Charles Bott QC (1979) (QC-20018)

Nigel Lambert QC (1974) (QC-1999)

Alan Kent QC (1986) (QC-2009)

Caroline Goodwin QC (1988) (QC-2017)

Colin Aylott QC (1989) (QC-2017)

Peter Corrigan (1973)

Barry Kogan (1973) +

Isabelle Gillard (1980)

Simon Molyneux (1986)

Ben Hargreaves (1989)

Tony Ventham (1991)

William England (1991)

Paul Crampin (1992)

Richard Furlong (1994)

Alphege Bell (1995)

James Tilbury (1996)

Cathy Ryan (1997)

Matthew Buckland (1998)

Houzla Rawat (2001)

Hugh O’Donoghue (2004)

Joe Hingston (2007)

Tom Edwards (2008)

Alexandra Scott (2010)

Mark Watson (2011)

Sebastian Winnett (2011)

Benjamin Brown (2013)

Fiona Clegg (2013)

Joanne Kane (2013)

Jim Olphert (2014)

James Lloyd (2017)

Joe Tarbert (2018)

Gerard Pitt (2018)

Chloe Birch (2018)

Vanessa Reid (2018)