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This content is provided by Cabinet D'Avocats Juri-Partner.

Managing Partners: Mamadou G Diarra
Senior Partners: Mamadou G Diarra
Number of partners: 1
Number of lawyers: 4
Tax advisors:2
Number of legal counsel: 9
Languages: English, French

Firm Overview:
Juri-Partner, is a law firm, created in January 2001, focused In addition to the traditional missions of advice, representation and assistance, Juri-Partner also carries out legal audits for domestic and foreign clients in various area: Mining, telecommunication, Public and Private sector investments, etc. The Juri-Partner Law Firm create in 2001 focused on individualised accompaniment of its clients, composed of both private and institutional operating in various sectors. It is composed of a young, dynamic and highly professional team whose aim is to provide the very best quality and strong expertise to its clients. The legal team composed of people with different profiles with at least a master’s degree involved in the process and the follow-up of cases according to the interest of each individual, is led by Me Mamadou G. DIARRA, the managing partner with with a significant practical experience of twenty-five years.

Main Areas of Practice:
OHADA Business Law:

Corporate law (Ohada Uniform Rules related to commercial companies and groups of interest) – Uniform acts on arbitration – on securities – arbitration- Mediation – Bankruptcy and Insolvency
From setup to development, Juri Partner provides councelling and assistance to leaders across implementation and execution of all legal operations that are necessary in their companies’ life and projects. Among these, Juri-Partner can list the following:
■ Carrying out of companies setup formalities
■ Follow up on formalities towards obtaining a licence (or any administrative authorisations, according to the field of activity)
■ Drafting the articles of association
■ Management of general assembly (legal secretariat : convening, verbatim reporting)
■  Company restructuring (capital increase, M&A, subsidiarising, etc.)
■ Insolvency proceeding: recovery, settlement
■ Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts (commercial leases, rental, management, loans, leasing, etc.)
■ M&A
■ Legal due Diligence
■ Legal Opinions
■ pledge
■ Business management
■ Competition litigations
■ Arbitration as lawyer or arbitrator
Key Clients: Banks, Mining company, International companies, USAID based project
Contact: Mamadou Diarra
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Lassana Diawara
Tel: +223 20 22 28 42
Email: [email protected]

Mining Law:
The cabinet has a strong expertise in Malian mining law. In fact, it has been advising major mining companies for nearly twenty years, some of them are world-class and mining contractors, who operate in Mali and in the sub-region. It has also been selected for the current re-reading of the Malian mining code of 2012. It assists companies in:
■ Obtaining and/or transferring mining titles
■ Joint venture operations
■ Installation phase, research, and exploitation
■ Legal due diligence operations to obtain financing (equipment purchase, construction plants)
■ Transactions on mining titles etc.
Contact: Mamadou G Diarra
Email: [email protected]

Labour Law:
Juri-Partner law firm advises, assists and represents its clients in the management of individual and collective labour relations (pre-litigation and litigation phase).
■ Assistance in recruiting staff
■ Establishment of employment contracts (fixed-term contract and permanent contract)
■  Advice and assistance in individual or collective litigation (at Labor Inspection, Jurisdictions)
■ Assistance or representation in front of Labor Court, Social Chamber of Appeals Courts and Supreme Court
Contact: Makadji Rokiatou
Email: [email protected]

Investment Law:
Mamoudou G Diarra, the promotor of Juri-Partner, was Minster of Investments In Mali. As Minister, he has greatly contributed to attracting international investors through the improvement and transparency of the legal framework for carrying out investments, the simplification of the necessary formalities to invest in Mali. He is and continues to be a benchmark in terms of legal advice for international companies investing in Mali.
Contact: Mamadou G Diarra
Email: [email protected]

On a daily basis the law firm practice litigation in front of Malian courts, regional court (CCJA Abidjan) and abroad.
Contact: Lassana DIAWARA
Email: [email protected]

Juri-Partner as knowledge of arbitration, the manager being an arbitrator himself at the CECAM and intervening in various cases at the level of the CCJA in Abidjan, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (CPA) at the Hayes Juri-Partner has participate or co-facilitated several high-level seminars on arbitration and international arbitration.
Contact: Mamadou DIARRA
Email: [email protected]

Tax Law:
2 fee earners Juri-Partner, to best meet the needs of its customers, has developed a tax pool led by tax specialists with several years of experience, who are mainly responsible for:
■ Management of direct and similar taxes, indirect, registration fees
■ Tax audit
■ Tax studies
■ training sessions can also be offered
Contact: Seydou B. KOUYATE
Email: [email protected]

IT Law:
Juri-Partner provides advice, information, representation and assistance for all your telecommunications projects. Since the intervention of Order N°99-043/P-RM of 30 September 1999 which dedicated the opening up of the telecommunications sector to competition in Mali, by dissociating the functions of operators and regulator, Juri-Partner has taken part in all major events in the area. Juri-Partner thus has an active part in the process of re-reading the texts governing the sector, takes part in the privatisation operation of the incumbent operator. The office was entitled as main adviser of the Authority to manage the tender for attribution of a 4th Global telecommunication licence in Mali.
■ Security of information systems and protection of personal data
■ Litigation: use third-party image, deceptive practices, comparative advertising
■ Representation before any judicial or arbitral tribunals, AMRTP, the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data
■ Assistance in setting up sponsorship contracts and partnerships
■ Writing contest rules, setting up advertising agency contracts
■ Consulting and assistance in drafting software contracts, software, internet, telecom
■ Development of design contracts, hosting, maintenance, outsourcing
■ Actions in unfair competition and parasitism
■ Litigation Assistance in Computer Law and Advertising Law
Key Clients: SOTELMA, MALITEL – Malian Authority of Telecommunication
Contact: Mamadou DIARRA
Email: [email protected]