This content is provided by BTS & Partners (Beceni - Türkekul - Sevim Attorney Partnership).

Managing Partner: Yasin Beceni
Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers and consultants: 27
Languages: English, French, German, Turkish

Firm Overview:
BTS&Partners is the leading law firm in the sectors where technology plays a key role for the sector’s operations. The vision of BTS&Partners, for over 15 years, is assisting its clients to navigate their ways through their business’ technological transformation. In order to achieve its vision, BTS&Partners is closely following up with the regulatory developments not only in Turkey but also in the EU and the US.

Practice Areas:
Data Protection & Privacy
Entertainment, Media & Advertisement
ICT Infrastructure & Outsourcing
IT Regulatory Advice
Payment Systems
Social Media
IPR Management & Strategies
Domain Name Disputes
IP Litigation
Regulatory & Technical Compliance
Corporate & Commercial
Mergers & Acquisitions
Venture Capital & Private Equity

Main Areas of Practice:

1 partner, 4 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Merger control filings for local or international M&A deals
■ Compliance trainings for clients
■ Assist clients re. anti trust investigations
■ Sophisticated advise re. anti trust matters around digital industry

Banking & Finance:
2 partners, 8 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Regulatory license filings made to the relevant authorities for local/multinational clients willing to be authorised as e-money and/or payment institution or payment services provider in Turkey
■ Providing payments system, e-money, banking and credit cards regulation and AML regulation to various clients
■ Regulatory compliance advice for fintech companies

Commercial, Corporate & M&A:
2 partners, 9 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Venture capital investments
■ Private equity investment
■ Strategic M&A deals for local or multinational clients
■ Advisory services in start-up ecosystem for angel investors or start-ups

2 partners, 6 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Assistance with various multinational employment law related projects that involve Turkey as one of the effected jurisdictions
■ Employment law related advise and localisation of employment materials of various clients with their needs as to Turkish jurisdiction
■ Employment litigation

Intellectual Property:
2 partners, 6 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ IPR consultancy
■ Domain name protection and management services
■ Trademark, patent and industrial design litigation

IT & Telecom:
3 partners, 19 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Regulatory advice
■ Data protection compliance
■ Focused business/legal due diligence of IT companies for corporate transactions
■ Consultancy services to sector specific NGOs
■ Consultancy services to e-commerce companies

Media & Entertainment:
3 partners, 5 fee earners based in Istanbul
■ Law enforcement service for the leading international social media institution and its affiliates
■ Assistance for compliance to internet regulations
■ Consultancy for video on demand services
■ Regulatory advice