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Managing Partner: Amir Bocayuva Cunha
Senior Partners: Paulo Cezar Aragão, Francisco Müssnich, Plínio Barbosa and Luiz Antonio Campos
Partners: Adriana Fuzinato, Ana Müller, André Abbud, André Macedo, Anna Carolina Malta, Antonella Carminatti, Barbara Rosenberg, Camila Chouzal, Camila Goldberg, Camilla Paoletti, Carlos Frederico Bingemer, Cibele Linero, Claudia Schulz, Cristiana Moreira, Cristiane Mamprin, Daniel Loria, Daniella Fragoso, Debora Bacellar, Eduardo G. Wanderley, Elaine Palmer, Fabiana Fagundes, Fábio Henrique Peres, Felipe Galea, Fernanda Carneiro, Franciny de Barros, Gisela Sampaio, Guilherme Zoghbi Ayala, Hélio Alvarez, Henrique Beloch, Hermano Barbosa, Ian Bussinger, Jane Goldman, João Paulo Cavinatto, José Eduardo Pieri, José Guilherme Berman, José Inácio Ferraz, José Otavio Faloppa, Leandro Bittencourt, Lígia Regini, Luciana Magalhães Costa, Luciana Marsal, Luís Bernardo Cascão, Luis Flaks, Luís Henrique Costa, Luiz Fernando Fraga, Luiz Marcelo Góis, Luiza Lacerda, Márcio Pereira, Marcos Exposto, Maria da Paz Tierno Lopes, Mario Gelli, Maurício Faro, Miguel Ramos, Monique Mavignier, Patrícia Sabino, Pedro Costa, Pedro Frankovsky Barroso, Rafael Calábria, Rafael Castilho, Rafael Dutra, Raquel Mansanaro, Roberto Dias Carneiro, Rodolfo de Tella, Sandra Terepins, Sergio Fagundes, Sérgio Savi, Tatiana Amorim, Thais Meira, Vitor Butruce, Vivian Casanova
Number of lawyers: 310

Firm Overview:
Founded in the 1990s, when Brazil was undergoing structural changes, BMA – Barbosa Müssnich Aragão was inspired by a mission to find innovative solutions that are legally viable and sustainable in an environment of rapid development, new regulatory frameworks and new business models in almost all sectors of the economy. Inspired to be a pioneering law firm, ready — and more than able — to take on the big projects and big problems that require sophisticated solutions. An active participant in the privatisations that took place in the 1990s, BMA had achieved a solid reputation and both national and international recognition even before becoming one of the leading firms in Brazil in the mid-2000s, when the Brazilian market experienced a wave of IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. BMA has been present in most of the major M&A transactions in Brazil over the last two decades, participating in the creation of corporate groups that do business around the world. BMA has acquired an impressive stock of know-how in infrastructure projects, especially in the areas of ports, railroads, highways, oil and gas, energy, and telecommunications. The firm also had a major part to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, negotiating the contracts that gave Brazil the right to host the event and acting as legal counsel to the local organising committee. BMA’s experienced professionals know that a thorough understanding of the firm’s clients’ business objectives is essential. BMA works to achieve creative, effective solutions by integrating its specialist teams to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to legal problems.

BMA Inspiração – Inspire to Action:
BMA InspirAção is the new model for BMA’s pro bono work. BMA believes that education, socially-aware entrepreneurship and culture are the paths that will lead to profound and lasting change in society. BMA InspirAção focuses on these three vectors for change. BMA wants to generate effective returns for society as a whole, like it does for its clients, and believes it can.

BMA Educação – Becoming a BMA Lawyer:
BMA EducAção is a school that helps attorneys acquire the skills that every ‘BMA Lawyer’ needs. The program focuses on excellence, quality, and providing valuable learning experiences to the firm’s professionals. The project is intended to work with BMA’s lawyers and help them develop into professionals whose qualifications, analytical skills and curiosity never stop growing, who have a multidisciplinary vision and who are eager to apply the theoretic knowledge they have acquired to creating efficient solutions to real problems. The objective is to become a true seal of excellence: BMA quality.

BMA Woman:
Following the worldwide movement toward women’s empowerment and a more balanced corporate environment, the project’s objective is to support women’s professional growth within the firm and provide even more opportunities for internal talent to develop. The project kicked off its activities with events for BMA’s women lawyers and clients, fostering new professional relationships and debate on critical issues that affect the daily life of women in business.

BMA Diversity:
BMA’s Diversity program makes a point of sharing experiences with other law firms, and is committed to listening to all groups represented in today’s society. In this way, we believe that we can plan actions that will help eliminate prejudice in day-to-day interactions and create an environment that people can identify with.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Bankruptcy, Business Restructuring & Insolvency
■ Business Crime
■ Competition
■ Compliance, Investigations & Law Enforcement
■ Corporate & M&A
■ Digital & New Technologies
■ Employment
■ Environmental
■ Finance & Capital Markets
■ Infrastructure & Regulatory & Government Affairs
■ Intellectual Property
■ Litigation & Arbitration
■ Real Estate
■ Superior Courts
■ Tax
■ Wealth Management & Succession Planning

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish