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Number of partners: 7 Number of lawyers: 30
Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish

Firm Overview:
BAUR HÜRLIMANN is a commercial law firm, founded in 1956. In its core areas of practice, the firm manages and conducts its clients’ cases with expertise and diligence, providing them with legal counsel, project assistance and the representation they require in courts, arbitration tribunals and administrative procedures.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Construction & Real Estate, Industry:
The firm has a qualified team of construction and real estate law experts who practice in a wide range of areas. The legal counsel provided by the firm’s experts assists clients through all phases of complex construction projects, from development to completion of real estate and infrastructure projects. The firm’s attorneys support their clients by explaining the legal foundations and framework, providing legal assistance in planning, expropriation and environmental protection procedures, participating in contract award procedures, developing and structuring projects with the most effective organisational form, (i.e. consortium, general or total contractor contracts, PPP) and handling defects, deadline problems and cost overruns (claim management).
The firm also practices commercial lease law and represents insurance companies in liability and coverage matters. Because of its specialisation in construction issues and consortia, the firm has many years of practical experience in a large number of sectors in this industry, such as in equipment and machine engineering and other industrial systems.

Litigation, Arbitration & Insolvency:
The firm represents Swiss and foreign firms and private individuals in complex proceedings before public courts and international arbitration tribunals in Switzerland and abroad.
Litigation services include the conduct of regular, preliminary relief and enforcement proceedings, and also legal assistance in civil and criminal matters and legal procedures in insolvency. The litigators are practicing arbitrators and/or legal experts who participate regularly in proceedings. The partners are regularly called upon to act as arbitrators in international proceedings.

Corporate, Business, Accounting, Compliance & Administrative Law:
BAUR HÜRLIMANN advises firms and entrepreneurs. Its notaries set up firms and attend to all related legal matters required by firms and their shareholders.
Its counsel covers not only general corporate law questions, such as company formation, organisation and restructuring, shareholder agreements and assistance in succession planning, but also the internal and external structuring of companies. The firm also specialises accounting law, compliance and reporting requirements, and advises clients in corporate mergers and acquisitions.
In addition, the firm also advises clients in several aspects of administrative law.

Competition & Public Procurement Law, Energy:
BAUR HÜRLIMANN gives advice to domestic and foreign clients in Swiss and European competition law and represents them in antitrust proceedings before the Competition Commission and Swiss courts.
The firm also provides legal counsel to clients and represents them in merger control procedures, investigative procedures related to competition infringements and antitrust civil proceedings. Furthermore, the firm has qualified experts in public procurement law who represent their clients in competitive bidding processes at the community, canton and national levels.
The firm has specialist expertise in the entire field of energy law in Switzerland. Main emphasis is on the current supply (production, distribution, including delivery contracts and all questions concerning national regulation of the electricity market), the liberalisation of the Swiss gas market (the firm accompanied the liberalisation of the Swiss gas market since the beginning) and water economics (especially concession contracts). The firm represents the interests of its clients before all authorities, in particular the ElCom.

Liability & Insurance, Criminal Proceedings:
The firm counsels and represents insurance companies, their policyholders and injured companies and individuals in all areas of contractual and non-contractual liability. It negotiates and litigates in all matters of insurance and liability, but especially in claims involving construction and industrial facilities, product liability, D&O liability, medical liability and traffic.
Attorneys at the firm counsel and represent firms and private individuals in cases of white collar crime, where a factual connection with their areas of expertise exists (e.g. structural damage, accidents and medical liability).

Reorganisation, Restructuring & Liquidation:
BAUR HÜRLIMANN supports national and international firms in structuring transactions (i.e. mergers, divisions, asset transfers), shareholder agreements and due diligence in transactions. It represents clients in debt restructuring proceedings in court, bankruptcy deferral and bankruptcy proceedings.
Furthermore, the firm assumes trustee and liquidation engagements in debt restructuring proceedings, including those involving asset assignment, unofficial bankruptcy administration, investigation and liquidation engagements in banking investigations and liquidation proceedings. Attorneys of the firm are members of creditor’s committees in debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

Succession Settlement & Planning:
The firm provides counsel to natural and legal entities in inheritance law and business succession planning.
Attorneys draft testamentary contracts, wills and marriage contracts. They develop business succession planning strategies and coordinate the corporate and tax impacts of succession planning. It also provides counsel to communities of heirs and settles estates.

Notary Services, Contract Drafting:
Proper and precise contract design is a key condition for avoiding disputes. The firm puts its comprehensive expertise to work for clients. The notary services provided at the Baden office cover all of the documentary requirements involved in legal transactions, especially in the areas of construction and real estate law, business law and inheritance law.