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Managing Partner: Robert J. Bates, Jr.
Number of partners: 23
Number of lawyers: 57
Languages: English

Firm Overview:
BatesCarey LLP is an internationally recognized law firm dedicated to protecting insurers and reinsurers around the globe. The firm has forged an unrivaled reputation for providing exceptional, creative, and cost-effective legal solutions for the most challenging issues facing the insurance and reinsurance industry. BatesCarey’s litigators have decades of experience in coverage litigation and arbitrations, and the firm has saved its clients hundreds of millions of dollars in trials, arbitrations and settlements in both the United States and abroad. The firm boasts a broad set of diverse clients in the United States, Asia, Bermuda, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Main Areas of Practice:
Dispute Resolution
General Liability
Construction Defect
Public Entity
Premises Liability
Environmental, Pollution, Health Hazard
Product Defect
Advertising Injury/Additional Insured
Cyber Risk, Technology, Data Security
Fidelity, Surety, & Crime
Rail & Transportation Coverage
Professional Liability
Insurance Agents & Brokers
Architects & Engineers
Financial Institutions
Title Insurance
Employment Practices, Discrimination, ADA, Wage & Hour
Managed Care & Healthcare
Bermuda Forms
First Party Property

Commercial General Liability:
Creative thinking, protecting the integrity of clients’ policies, and doing so in a way to preserve and respect the relationships with claimants, insureds and brokers are part of the daily goals of the BatesCarey GL team. These lawyers are entrenched in issues relating to the scope of the defense obligation, targeted tenders, other insurance provisions, contribution and indemnification, and allocation of defense costs. The team is on the cutting edge of coverage issues from forming the nation’s first Opioid Coverage Task Force to helping clients develop uniform processes to investigate and respond to oronavirus claims, to counseling on the most volatile malicious prosecution, construction defect, and molestation claim challenges. Within the last year, the GL team has litigated these coverage issues in 25 states across the country. Adam H. Fleischer has earned a national reputation for addressing these matters with the aggressive or diplomatic advocacy, depending on what a case may merit, along with a strong and deep team, including partners John A. Husmann, Jordon S. Steinway and R. Patrick Bedell.
Contact: Adam H. Fleischer Tel: 312 762 3130
Email: [email protected]

BatesCarey has a dynamic and thriving reinsurance practice. The firm’s unique mix of ingenuity and decades of experience produce creative solutions in age-old coverage disputes and matters of first impression. Sensitive to business interests, Bates- Carey understands cedents and reinsurers may find themselves at odds over a claim at the same time that a relationship is developing in underwriting. The firm aggressively defends its clients in disputes, while still leveraging its deep knowledge of the industry for fiscally beneficial business outcomes where appropriate. Robert J. Bates, Jr. has been recognized for decades as a leading coverage lawyer in the United States. He has built a strong team of partners, including Mark G. Sheridan and Stanley V. Figura.
Contact: Robert J. Bates, Jr. Tel: 312 762 3131
Email: [email protected]

Directors & Officers & Professional Liability:

From the financial frauds of the early 2000s to the more recent meltdown of the financial markets, BatesCarey attorneys have represented insurers in every major D&O event impacting the insurance markets over the last two decades. Insurers rely on the team’s in-depth understanding of securities laws, dispute resolution processes, and insurance markets to evaluate and resolve even the most complex claims. The firm has broad experience in the areas of D&O, E&O, financial institutions, fidelity, EPL and other areas. The firm also regularly litigates management liability coverage disputes across the county. Ommid C. Farashahi is widely regarded among the elite coverage counsel in the United States, and David F. Cutter, a Chambers-ranked attorney who joined the firm in July 2019, is well-known for his litigation expertise in this area. They are joined by a deep team of more than twenty lawyers, including partners Jonathan A. Cipriani, Jason P. Minkin, and Nicholas R. Novak.
Contact: Ommid C. Farashahi Tel: 312 762 3205
Email: [email protected]

Cyber Risks & Fidelity:
BatesCarey has extensive experience representing insurers in cyber, technology and data security matters. As notice counsel for a number of nationwide cyber and privacy programs, the firm’s attorneys are often the first point of contact for companies that have experienced a privacy breach. The firm also boasts a thriving fidelity, surety and crime practice. The firm investigates, analyzes and litigates claims involving fidelity bonds, financial institution bonds, mortgage bonds, title bonds, surety bonds, statutory bonds, performance bonds and commercial crime policies. The firm has a particularly well-developed practice in these areas in London markets. Kari A. Timm and David L. Koury have been internationally recognized for their in-depth experience in these areas.
Cyber Contact: Kari A. Timm Tel: 312 762 3256
Email: [email protected]
Fidelity Contact: David L. Koury Tel: 312 762 3226
Email: [email protected]

Excess Liability & Transportation:
Manufacturers produce reliable products and transportation/energy concerns operate safer than historically, but calamities still occur with resulting litigation and losses more complex than ever. Insurers of these companies, whether a pharmaceutical manufacturer, healthcare provider, railroad, trucking, construction or energy company, turn to BatesCarey because of their depth of industry connections and experience. The transportation team is rooted in the nationally recognized work of Matthew M. Murphy, including with Bermuda Forms, as well as the litigation savvy of David M. Alt on a wide range of rail matters. BatesCarey attorneys have represented excess insurers responding to a myriad of such claims in North America and globally. This group is particularly adept at crafting settlement resolutions in the underlying litigation and coverage fronts.
Contact: David M. Alt Tel: 312 762 3138
Email: [email protected]