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Consultants: David Baskerville, Cathy Kirby, Beccy Scobell, Chris Winterburn and Richard Wyatt

Firm Mission:

To de-mystify law firm IT and be the trusted and independent technology advisor to every UK-based law firm.

About Us:

With a true passion for technology, Baskerville Drummond brings a wealth of experience and energy to clients’ projects. Clients see Baskerville Drummond as a ‘safe pair of hands’ tackling IT challenges head on so that they are resolved with the minimum of fuss. Its aim is that most of a client’s IT should be invisible, working well in the background as a platform so that they can focus on the really exciting stuff, the type of technology that will make them stand out from their competitors and allow them to provide differentiating levels of client service.

At the same time, Baskerville Drummond works hard to ensure that everybody involved feels included and confident, creating an atmosphere of positive collaboration. It recognises that all firms and individuals are unique and have a different appetite for technology and change.

Main Areas of Practice:


Baskerville Drummond carries out detailed reviews that deliver an independent assessment of a firm’s current IT services and solutions, with recommendations to support short and long-term business goals.

2) Select

It is experienced in supporting firms in the definition of requirements and the identification and procurement of the best solution, be that software, an outsourced service or enhancement of internal skills.

3) Implement

From Baskerville Drummond’s perspective, the most successful projects are those that it helps to deliver, ensuring that clients can maximise on its knowledge of their firm and the time spent in reviewing the requirements and selecting the right solutions.

4) Support

Baskerville Drummond is proud of the fact that many of its client engagements far outlast the initial project, and it is often retained to provide longer term strategic support.

5) Training

Starting with a training needs analysis, Baskerville Drummond creates training packages to suit the needs of individual clients. It provides standard training for legal systems and MS Office and also bespoke go live system training and support and user acceptance testing support.

Client Base:

Baskerville Drummond clients are law firms headquartered in England & Wales with a turnover of between £4 to £40 million. Most clients would be classed as “traditional” full-service regional law firms such as Actions Solicitors, Capital Law, Debenhams Ottaway, Gotelee’s, Hamlins, Joelsons, Latimer Hinks, Longmores, Jackson Lees, Paris Smith, Radcliffe Chambers, Trethowans, Thompson Smith & Puxon and Wright Hassall. It also has niche practices such as Signature Litigation (Litigation), Laura Devine (Immigration) and Hughes, Fowler Carruthers and start-ups such as Bott van Kesteren and Astraea Group.

Baskerville Drummond is the preferred IT advisor to LawNet.


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