Arizpe, Valdés & Marcos Abogados

San Pedro Garza García Office

Current View:

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Managing Partner: Carlos Marcos Iga.
Senior Partners: Eduardo Arizpe Fematt, Miguel Angel Valdes Faz, Carlos Marcos Iga, Hector Dino Gonzalez Torres 
Number of partners: 4
Number of other lawyers: 8

Banking & Financial:
Carlos Marcos, Eduardo Arizpe
Corporate & Commercial: Carlos Marcos, Eduardo Arizpe
Transactional Practice: Eduardo Arizpe, Carlos Marcos
Joint Venture: Eduardo Arizpe, Carlos Marcos
Real Estate: Eduardo Arizpe, Miguel Valdes
Immigration Affairs: Miguel Valdes
Administrative & Tax Litigation: Héctor Gonzalez
Environmental: Miguel Valdes
Administrative: Miguel Valdes
Tax Strategy & Counselling: Eduardo Arizpe, Héctor Gonzalez
General Litigation: Héctor Gonzalez

Firm Overview:
The firm was created in 2001 with the purpose of providing the business community with the highest quality legal counselling and services available. The firm is highly committed to providing its clients with personalised counselling at all times, in order for them to achieve their commercial and business objectives. As a result, senior partners have ample knowledge and experience in all the firm's practices.

Main Areas Of Practice:

Banking & Financial:
Corporate & Commercial: 13%
Transactional Practice: 13%
Joint Venture: 13%
Real Estate: 13%
Immigration Affairs: 6%
Administrative & Tax Litigation: 6%
Environmental: 6%
Administrative: 6%
Tax Strategy & Counselling: 6%
General Litigation: 5%

Banking & Financial:
The firm has vast experience in preparing and negotiating any transactions regarding public or private financing, and it offers its clients counselling with regards to any kind of credit agreements, with local or foreign lenders, debt restructuring, including negotiations regarding bank loans, private placement of debt or capital, as well as legal auditing for brokerage houses and investment funds, among others.

Corporate & Commercial:
The firm has vast experience regarding the incorporation of any kind of entities, including the drafting and filing of any documents related to such matters, including the minutes of shareholders meetings, the granting of powers of attorney, among others, required for any entity.

Transactional Practice:
The firm provides counselling with regards to commercial transactions, by negotiating and drafting for its clients a wide variety of domestic and international contracts, including leases, trusts, supply and distribution agreements, among others.

Joint Ventures:
The firm has vast experience preparing and negotiating all necessary documents to formalise joint ventures in Mexico and abroad, by providing its clients with counselling on matters such as stock and assets purchases, mergers and acquisitions, special purpose vehicles, among others.

Real Estate:
The firm has ample experience in providing its clients with counselling regarding corporate and contractual structures of any real estate projects, whether as developers, constructors or administrators of such projects, including preparation and negotiation of all kinds of acquisition, lease, construction, financing and operating agreements, among others.

Immigration Affairs:
The firm provides legal counselling regarding the legal situation of foreign citizens in Mexico, including the preparation and filing for visa applications and permits, citizenship and naturalisation documents.

Administrative & Tax Litigation:
The firm prepares and files actions for judicial review in rulings of administrative law procedures, at the Municipal, State and Federal level, in the various branches of the public administration. Also, the firm provides its clients with counselling regarding the legal defence against tax regulations and authorities who violate their rights as taxpayers.

The firm provides its clients with counselling, management and, when necessary, an appropriate defence regarding environmental matters at the Municipal, State and Federal level, with services ranging from environmental audits to the procurement of environmental authorisations, licenses and permits.

The firm provides its clients with legal counselling and defence when government acts violate their rights, by administratively or judicially contesting such acts. Furthermore, the firm provides assistance regarding zoning laws and regulations, public bids and antitrust filings.

Tax Strategy & Counselling:
The firm has ample experience in aiding its clients in the design and execution of tax schemes, within the legal framework of the applicable laws, to ensure the efficient management of the tax burden for businesses and entrepreneurs, including the protection of the clients’ tax interests, according to each clients’ needs.

General Litigation:
The firm has vast experience in aiding its clients with any kind of commercial, civil or criminal litigation, at the State and Federal level, as it works with a network of correspondents throughout Mexico.

International Work:
The firm currently has working relationships with other renowned law firms in the United States of America, Europe and Latin America.

English, Spanish.

Automotive industry; construction industry; cultural and education industry; financial industry; food and beverage industry; health and medical industry; information technologies industry; manufacturing industry; real estate industry; oil and gas industry.