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Managing Partners: Martin Gustavo Ibarra Pardo Senior Partners: Martín Gustavo Ibarra Pardo, Ricardo López Sánchez, Andrés Ibarra Castañeda, María Josefina Ibarra Pardo, Patricia Mendoza De Galofre, Jorge Ramírez Ocampo, Olga Lucía Salamanca, Mariana Ibarra
Number of partners: 8
Number of other lawyers: 25

International Trade:
Martín Ibarra [email protected]
Lina Ocampo [email protected]
Customs Law: Ricardo López Sánchez
[email protected]
Trade Remedies & Commercial Policy: Olga Lucía Salamanca
[email protected]
Environmental & Energy Development: Javier Eduardo Trillos
[email protected]
Special Import-Export Systems “Plan Vallejo”: Maria Josefina Ibarra
[email protected]
Corporate Law & M&A: Monica Morales
[email protected]
Internationalization Strategy: Patricia Mendoza de Galofre
[email protected]
Innovation & Business Strategy: Tatiana Ocampo
[email protected]
Transfer Pricing: Whanda Gomez
[email protected]

Firm Overview:
Araújo Ibarra is the leading Colombian firm in investment and international trade mechanisms. It advises local and international businessmen, as well as governments and government agencies in identifying and seizing business opportunities combined with the design of strategies that enables them to increase their competitiveness in a globalised environment.

Through a global network of partners and an interdisciplinary team, the firm provides economic and legal advice in Free Zones / Special Economic Zones, Special Import-Export Systems “Plan Vallejo”, International Trade Strategy, Customs Law, Foreign Exchange, Transfer pricing, Trade Remedies and Commercial Policy (Anti-Dumping measures), Environment & Energy Law, Environmental-Technical Management, Projects Structuring, Corporate Law and Tax Planning.

The firm has led the optimisation of some of the most important investment projects in the history of Colombia. In addition, it actively participates in the design of investment and foreign trade strategies in the main emerging economies of the world.

Main Areas of Practice:
International Trade:

The firm’s area of International Trade has over 48 years of experience. It advises and supports its clients on the implementation of foreign trade mechanisms and free zones, as well as the structuring of infrastructure and port projects. It is also specialised in maximising profits in industrial operations and services. Over the past 3 years, the strategies it has put in place for its clients has resulted in saving them more than USD 20 million in operation.

The firm increases the savings capacity of its clients and reduces their risks through the structuring of transnational operations, optimising times and ensuring adequate compliance with the Colombian exchange rate regime.

The firm is an expert in trade facilitation processes and in the optimisation of customs and logistics procedures that allow structuring efficient foreign trade models adapted to Colombian regulations. The firm has avoided the application of fines and seizures of more than 300 national and foreign companies.

Trade Remedies & Commercial Policy:
The firm defends the interests of companies in unfair competition investigation processes, for the adoption of anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguards. Likewise, it optimises the use of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) that improves the international competitiveness of companies.

The firm achieved for the first time in Colombia, the adoption of a general safeguard measure for imports of wire rod and the adoption of an anti-dumping duty due to the threat of damage to imports of wire rod originating in China.

Environmental & Energy Development:
Thanks to the firm’s technical and legal expertise, it provides comprehensive environmental, energy and urban planning support for the implementation and execution of your projects. The firm carries out the necessary environmental studies and assists you in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Finally, it assists you in obtaining tax benefits related to the environment and the use of sustainable energy.

Special Import-Export Systems “Plan Vallejo”:
For more than 30 years, the firm has managed to reduce costs and import taxes (tariffs and VAT) of raw materials and/or equipment between 19% and 25% through its expertise of the customs legal regime and the application of Special Import-Export Systems.

Innovation & Internationalization Strategies:
Through the use of innovative tools and methodologies, the firm assists the productive sector, regions and national and international governments in identifying opportunities and visualising projects, assessing their social, economic and market impact. The firm accompanies them in designing high-impact models and implementing effective internationalisation or investment attraction strategies by working on the construction of differential value proposals, competition analysis, assessment of entry barriers and competitive factors.

Corporate Law & M&A:
The firm provides an integrated consultancy in corporate law, commercial contracts, trade intermediation schemes (distribution, commercial agency, etc.), nonprofit organisations, habeas data regime, corporate government and corporate compliance. In the regards mentioned above, it assists investors in the incorporation of legal entities to operate in Colombia, drafting of the corporative bylaws and its reforms, shareholders agreements, corporate governance code, national and international contract structuration, and permanent legal assistance.

International Work:
The firm acts as consultants for national and international companies, as well as governments and governmental agencies, through the identification and structuring of investment strategies and international trade mechanisms.

Relevant transactions that Araújo Ibarra has participated include support to the authority of the “Istmo de Tehuantepec” in Mexico in the design strategy of foreign trade incentives, the partnership with AMEC (the entity that groups the main international industries in Spain) to create the first international e-commerce free zone in Barcelona, Spain and Design of strategies and analysis of the advantages of free trade agreements for the American company Campbell Scientific, among others.
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