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Number of partners: 15
Number of other lawyers: 30
Languages: English, German, Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages

Firm Overview:
CLP is a niche firm specialising in banking & finance, capital markets, commercial real estate, corporate/M&A, dispute resolution, private equity, renewable energy, power & transmission, retail and technology/IPR.

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking & Finance:
Ragnhild Steigberg, Elin Mack Løvdal, Lars Gunnar Aas

Capital Markets:
Contacts: Edvard Cock, Andreas Kildal, Lars Gunnar Aas, Jakob Villum, Joakim Gjerde

Commercial Real Estate:
Contacts: Håvard Skogvoll, Elin Mack Løvdal, Egil Jarslett, Kjetil Vågen, Amund Erdal, Mathias Borch, Tore Stønjum

Contacts: Edvard Cock, Fred Arthur Andersen, Lars Gunnar Aas, Alexander S. Lund, Jakob Villum, Andreas Kildal, Amund Erdal, Christian Vestheim, Eline Thorsrud, Christina Tømmerdal Wang

Dispute Resolution:
Contacts: Egil Jarslett, Kyrre Eggen, Vidar Riksfjord, Tore Stønjum, Christina Tømmerdal Wang

Private Equity:
Contacts: Alexander S. Lund, Lars Gunnar Aas, Fred Arthur Andersen, Jakob Villum, Andreas Kildal, Christian Vestheim, Eline Thorsrud

Renewable Energy, Power & Transmission:
Lars Gunnar Aas, Amund Erdal, Eline Thorsrud

Contacts: Kjetil Vågen, Stephan Brodschöll, Hanne Heltne

Stephan Brodschöll, Jakob Villum, Kyrre Eggen, Alexander S. Lund, Jakob Villum, Lars Gunnar Aas, Vidar Riksfjord, Christian Vestheim, Eline Thorsrud, Hanne Heltne

People are different. And so are lawyers, and law firms. Offering top-tier legal advice with personal touch and commitment, CLP is a dynamic, exclusive boutique alternative to the largest law firms in Norway.

CLP is convinced that the best results are achieved when working closely with its clients. The personal commitment and the close relation with the client makes CLP better equipped to assist its clients in an increasingly complex legal environment.

CLP have approx. 40 lawyers working at our office in Oslo. The firm’s core competencies are corporate, commercial real estate, technology/IPR and dispute resolution. CLP’s corporate area comprises banking and finance, capital markets, corporate/M&A, renewable energy, power and transmission, private equity, retail and technology/IPR. The firm’s clients are international and domestic businesses and investors.

CLP has an extensive network, both internationally and in Norway. CLP ranks highly in national and international legal rankings.

It is profitable for clients to work with CLP