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About Chambers Lawtech

This is our second report on the rapidly-moving legal technology sector, and is a snapshot of the leading technology developers and vendors, as well as the foremost LawTech Consultants.   

Explore the guide and our legal rankings using the menus above, or through the PDF version of the guide which is available on this page, to find out more about each of our nine research categories and the leading providers identified and ranked in them.  

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Our in-depth research runs from January to April

LawTech 2022

Law Firm
Core areas of Research:
• LawTech Vendors

• LawTech Consultants

• Incubators & Accelerators
LawTech Contract Analysis
• Using technologies – such as AI and machine learning tools – to automate the processing and interpretation of contractual documents in the legal market and beyond

• Assist in due diligence and risk reporting and in repapering exercises

• Allows for a more data-driven approach to contracts held across a whole business
LawTech Document Automation
• Automated document drafting using smart templating and real-time collaboration

• Some providers position their platforms as being suited to involvement from the inception of a transaction

• Modern interfaces allow for ‘no-code’ automation
LawTech Workflow Management & Service Platforms
• Growing community of providers of workflow tools

• Often providers’ client bases span multiple sectors, not just legal

• Additional benefits from interoperability and access to more detailed telemetry about efficiencies gained from technology application
LawTech Practice Management
• Tools aimed to provide a whole-practice overview and management suite

• Many tools integrate with other platforms, allowing practice leads to choose which products to use for which use legal cases and matters

• Cloud storage allows for more effective remote and real-time collaboration
LawTech Compliance & RegTech
• Wide variety of use cases, including in pre-employment checks, AML and remote identity-checking

• Some tools allow for real-time email and message monitoring to automatically flag up potential fraud

• Allows law firms and companies to mitigate increased data privacy burdens imposed by GDPR and other regulatory regimes
LawTech Consumer Services
• Aim to lower public barriers to participation in legal systems

• Some focus on small business owners without easy access to specialist expertise
LawTech eDiscovery & Dispute Resolution
• Variety of services that improve efficiency and accuracy in document sourcing and presentation, as well as in case management and collaboration for the legal sector and wider sectors

• Many of the platforms featured have played a central role in keeping courts operational during the pandemic

• Includes big data analytics services that help in giving prospects of case success given certain variables
Incubators & Accelerators
• Provide spaces for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and expert mentoring

• Increased opportunities for technology adoption, whether through affiliated firm or further afield

•Some focused on start-up and concept stages of development, others more active at the scale-up stage
LawTech Consultants
• Broad distinction between technical and strategic consultants

• Technical consultants assist in implementation and integration of chosen technologies

•Strategic consultants help firms understand what their desired future-state is, and work with them to decide which technological paths are best suited to achieving it

Key LawTech Firm Department Ranking Statistics

Firm Department Rankings by Practice Area

Chambers LawTech Research

The Chambers LawTech researchers conducted in-depth interviews with senior market figures – both practitioners and purchasers of LawTech services - worldwide.  

To find out more about LawTech the Global Research Director, Simon Christian.  

To enquire about commercial opportunities associated with the Professional Advisers series, contact Jeremy Stephenson.  

Legal Topics for Chambers LawTech

Diversity and Inclusion Statement
We are delighted to share our Diversity and Inclusion Statement for the second edition of the Chambers LawTech guide.

Meet the Research and Editorial Team

Simon Christian
Global Research Director
Contact Simon
Chris Nicholson
Research Manager
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Chambers Law Tech 2022 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Law Tech 2022 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.