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Alan Kent QC

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Practice Areas

Alan is known as a specialist in serious, organised and general crime with an emphasis on homicide, serious violence and sex.

He is in consistent demand from solicitors throughout the country. He has established a loyal following and forged strong relationships. He is immensely popular with all those he works with.

Alan is also sought after by prosecution authorities, in particular the homicide team at the Old Bailey. He prosecutes in the same fair, sensible way in which he defends.

He was first instructed as a junior in a murder trial at just 6 years call, and that set him on a path from which he has rarely waivered to this day. Consequently, he has undertaken hundreds of cases in this field.

His practise now is an even split between prosecuting and defending. He is an exceptional jury advocate but more than this, he is a delight to work with. His easy going manner makes him an instant hit with solicitors, police officers, juniors, judges, juries, his opponents and, most importantly, lay clients. He has a natural ability to win the confidence of his clients and puts them at their ease, whilst always managing their expectations in an utterly charming and empathetic way. Alan’s reputation has been built on his readiness to listen, to put others first, and he is always willing and able to help his colleagues and clients with advice.

He is one of the finest and most popular advocates at the Criminal Bar.


Called to the Bar in 1986

Silk 2009

Work Highlights

Alan has featured is some of the leading cases in the country, notably representing the Prosecution in the conjoined appeal and now leading ‘Hearsay’ authority of Riat and Others.

He regularly appears at the Old Bailey to prosecute and defend in murder cases, whether they are single handers or allegations involving multiple defendants. He also appears in complex and serious cases around the country, often involving numerous defendants. His cases often require the analysis of CCTV, Cell Site evidence, telephone communications between defendants, DNA and identification. He has considerable experience of defences including denial of responsibility, joint responsibility, self defence, loss of control and diminished responsibility. His careful preparation and presentation of cases, whether defending or prosecuting, makes him an outstanding trial advocate.

He is regularly instructed in cases involving young and vulnerable people. He is always ready and willing to listen, provide advice and assistance. He is especially good with vulnerable clients including the young and those with mental health issues. Alan is adept at explaining the law and procedure in a clear and simple way. He builds an excellent rapport with clients, both professional and lay. He is down to earth and very easy to work with.

His recent testimonials include the following;

“Alan Kent is my go-to QC for any serious or complex case. He never fails to impress with his closing speeches, and his easy rapport with juries and judges alike makes him one of the most effective advocates in the business. In a crowded market of Silks in London, Alan stands head and shoulders above the majority.” (Sept 2020)

“Fabulous at getting into the mind of the jury. A very bright advocate with a common sense approach, who has the ability to assess every jury differently in the approach to take when delivering his speech” (2020)

“The best decision I made was to instruct Alan to defend in the case” (2019)

“It has been a long time since I was so impressed by a Silk” (2020)

“It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with you again. Your inclusive nature and relentless calmness are both refreshing and very welcome. We do not see those qualities often enough” - June 2019

In summary; having been a trial advocate for over 30 years including over decade in Silk, Alan has outstanding trial strategy and tactics developed over many years of experience. Alan is a solid and dependable advocate whose incisive cross-examination and powerful closing speeches make him a very popular choice for defence solicitors and prosecuting agencies.